Testimonials from StinkySocks Hockey players

We thank players just like you for the kind words that you continuously share with us. It’s players like you who make the StinkySocks Hockey league what it is. Below are ten randomly chosen testimonials from our players (refresh the page to see 10 more).

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I found this league online and thought it would be fun to join. Little did I know that there were several helpful and passionate players I would meet and become good friends with along with a lot of ice time and experience I would gain as a player myself. This league is the best out here!

- Matt S

StinkySocks is well run and a great way to either play hockey at a high level or learn the game. It’s a great alternative to some of the BS in other leagues.

- Mark J

StinkySocks Hockey is more than just a recreational hockey league. It’s more like a brotherhood. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, great guys & gals, & I’ve become a much better hockey player since joining SSH a year ago. StinkySocks Hockey has made a positive after work activity & experience in my life.

- Anonymous

I started with SSH in spring’09. I had not played regularly in 19yrs. SSH’s players made it easy to start up again with no pressure. In the past 2 years SSH has grown wildly, but despite 4 or 5 times as many players, amazingly, SSH has some how maintained a friendly group with no jerks, and everybody just looking for a good skate and a good time.

- Adam C

The SSH experience has exceeded all my expectations– I get the fun and convenience of a recreational pick-up game, but with the professionally organized structure of top-notch league.

- Avri F

StinkySocks Hockey has been a great introduction for me back to playing hockey. I had been away for so many years that I was nervous about how I would do. But the games have been well organized, and the players are competitive but accepting of varying skill levels. Overall, it has been great experience.

- Steve E

Best hockey around Boston. Fun, clean, and good people.

- Anonymous

StinkySocks is a league for the players and is a great experience. There is no checking and in the novice leagues there are no slapshots. Making easier for people to get up the next morning and not worry there going to break something. Whether your a novice or a college star this league has it all. There are also great clinics and programs to teach you the game.

- Mike H

Big fan ofNCH since I found it a few years ago. A fast skate with a good group of skaters, no knuckleheads or ego tripping. Really what hockey ought to be.

- Anonymous

I'm really thrilled to be in this league. I'm having a blast. Great job!

- Doug C