Testimonials from StinkySocks Hockey players

We thank players just like you for the kind words that you continuously share with us. It’s players like you who make the StinkySocks Hockey league what it is. Below are ten randomly chosen testimonials from our players (refresh the page to see 10 more).

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A fun league to play in, lots of ice time with just 10 players, no goons and the game times aren’t really late like other leagues.

- Rene G

Big fan ofNCH since I found it a few years ago. A fast skate with a good group of skaters, no knuckleheads or ego tripping. Really what hockey ought to be.

- Anonymous

I have played a little ice hockey on and off my whole life and was never able to progress.  This was mainly because it was pond hockey.  At 44 years of age I found StinkySocks online.  It was the first adult program I had ever found that also had skills classes.  I started the skills almost a year ago as a very weak D level player.  I could not take a slap shot or wrist shot without falling to the ice.  I feel I’m now a very strong D level player and I give 100% of the credit to the StinkySocks skills program.  The games are great but my playing would not have improved if I was not doing the skills program.  The skills program allowed me to actually work on skating with a trained eye watching and letting me know what I was doing correct and wrong.  As I have progressed I can focus on my weak areas and do more advanced skills to further my level of play.  There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have progressed if I was only playing in games and not doing skills.  Joe and Rich are both great instructors and push each participants for their advancement.  I highly recommend the skills program and have gotten two friends to start taking them with me.

- Bill H, Skills Participant

The SSH experience has exceeded all my expectations– I get the fun and convenience of a recreational pick-up game, but with the professionally organized structure of top-notch league.

- Avri F

Got the hat, shirt, and socks in the mail today. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship has far exceeded my expectations; great work on this stuff! Particularly the hat, normally FlexFits squeeze my dome too much but this is the greatest FlexFit I've ever bought.  Keep up the good work!

- James K

StinkySocks is perfect for those who wish to play consistent weekly hockey, but have a variable work schedule.

- Eric M

As a goalie being able to play for free is a huge bonus and motivates me to play better and increase my level of play.

- Michael M, Goalie

As a first year skater with StinkySocks hockey, I have to tell you, I am quited pleased with the parody in the league and the overall attitude of the guys. I am having a blast and look forward each week to our skate on Tuesdays. Thanks!

- Jamie V

StinkySocks Hockey is more than just a recreational hockey league. It’s more like a brotherhood. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, great guys & gals, & I’ve become a much better hockey player since joining SSH a year ago. StinkySocks Hockey has made a positive after work activity & experience in my life.

- Anonymous

I'm really thrilled to be in this league. I'm having a blast. Great job!

- Doug C