Testimonials from StinkySocks Hockey players

We thank players just like you for the kind words that you continuously share with us. It’s players like you who make the StinkySocks Hockey league what it is. Below are ten randomly chosen testimonials from our players (refresh the page to see 10 more).

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I started with SSH in spring’09. I had not played regularly in 19yrs. SSH’s players made it easy to start up again with no pressure. In the past 2 years SSH has grown wildly, but despite 4 or 5 times as many players, amazingly, SSH has some how maintained a friendly group with no jerks, and everybody just looking for a good skate and a good time.

- Adam C

StinkySocks Hockey is more than just a recreational hockey league. It’s more like a brotherhood. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, great guys & gals, & I’ve become a much better hockey player since joining SSH a year ago. StinkySocks Hockey has made a positive after work activity & experience in my life.

- Anonymous

…our team had a great time… everyone got along real well. My buddy couldn’t say enough good things and he is definitely interested in participating in future events. Everyone in the locker room expressed an overwhelmingly positive view towards the SSH skates as well. I’m sure it’s a testament to both the level of organization you’ve provided via the web, but also the good nature of the core group of guys that you have built this thing around. Keep it up!

- Dave (member of the singles team for a past tournament)

I went to your skills clinic last Saturday night in Andover.  At first I was very hesitant/nervous (do I say a little bit insecure?) prior to showing up... especially since its a very very long time that I've been on the ice w/hockey gear on. I just wanted to say that it was a great experience, even though I still need a lot of work. I'm still a little bit sore but looking foward to the next clinic. You guys run a great program.  

- John S, Skills Participant

The SSH experience has exceeded all my expectations– I get the fun and convenience of a recreational pick-up game, but with the professionally organized structure of top-notch league.

- Avri F

I joined my first league last Summer and was a little nervous what it would be like, since I had never played before. I had a blast and the group of guys couldn’t have been better or more fun to play with.

- Jordan M

It’s the best men’s league out there with respect to etiquette and access to games. The NCH concept and WEB enrollment mechanism are unrivalled.

- Hollis G

StinkySocks is perfect for those who wish to play consistent weekly hockey, but have a variable work schedule.

- Eric M

I have met some great people through this league and really look forward to playing with everybody each week. I have never played in a more efficiently run league.

- Anonymous

…the games were extremely even and could have gone anyones way really…В and I enjoyed everyone in the locker room, really a bunch of great fun guys! This is the 2nd or 3rd tourney I signed up alone. The others were in Boston and NESHL but this was the most fun I ever had in one… you ran it well!!!!!! I HAVE run teams and hockey pickup hours all my life… you did a great job… THANK YOU… could have been anyones game at any time… Thanks again!

- Bob M (member of the singles team for a past tournament)