Testimonials from StinkySocks Hockey players

We thank players just like you for the kind words that you continuously share with us. It’s players like you who make the StinkySocks Hockey league what it is. Below are ten randomly chosen testimonials from our players (refresh the page to see 10 more).

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The SSH experience has exceeded all my expectations– I get the fun and convenience of a recreational pick-up game, but with the professionally organized structure of top-notch league.

- Avri F

I haven’t played organized hockey for at least 15 years because I couldn’t find a league that was this much fun as well as being competitive. All the players are competitive during the game but are not dirty or chippy, which is unique for an adult league.

- John H

In my almost 2 years of skating, it has taken sweat and determination to improve.  I am glad that I have participated in the StinkySocks skills.  Every season I participated in them I learned something new.  I enjoyed how the instructors give us tough love to push to our limits.  The skills followed by the game (Skills+) concludes the night with a competitive yet fun game. I am definitely able to apply what I have learned at the skills sessions to improve my game and hockey knowledge.

- Rudy V, Skills Participant

It’s the best men’s league out there with respect to etiquette and access to games. The NCH concept and WEB enrollment mechanism are unrivalled.

- Hollis G

I started with SSH in spring’09. I had not played regularly in 19yrs. SSH’s players made it easy to start up again with no pressure. In the past 2 years SSH has grown wildly, but despite 4 or 5 times as many players, amazingly, SSH has some how maintained a friendly group with no jerks, and everybody just looking for a good skate and a good time.

- Adam C

The skills and the instructors are fantastic. Lots of older people just starting out or those that have been off the ice for a while will benefit immensely. The skills classes are without doubt the reason I can now compete on the ice.”

- Bill H

StinkySocks is perfect for those who wish to play consistent weekly hockey, but have a variable work schedule.

- Eric M

You guys are doing a great job. It’s awesome to be able to get a good skate in at a competitive level. Keep up the good work.

- Dan G

StinkySocks is well run and a great way to either play hockey at a high level or learn the game. It’s a great alternative to some of the BS in other leagues.

- Mark J

StinkySocks Hockey is very well run and organized. I have been playing StinkySocks for close to 2 years now and have only played one game where we only had one goalie, always plenty of skaters but never more then 10 to a side. Great league, great hockey!

- Mike K