StinkySocks Hockey | Andover, MA

Phillips Academy Ice Rinks
254 S Main St
Andover, MA 01810-4132

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Important Location Notes

No TOBACCO or ALCOHOL is allowed on the property.

Services Available at the Location

  • Combat Hockey sticks for sale
  • Skate sharpening
  • Full service pro shop

Phillips Academy Rink Rules

By purchasing you agree to the terms of purchase.  As a part of those terms, you agree to comply with the rules and policies of this facility and the direction of their employees.  This facilities rules are listed below:

  1. No TOBACCO or ALCOHOL is allowed on the property. Those who need to smoke cigarettes may do so in their cars only.
  2. There is NO PLAYING of any kind in the building except on the ice surface or with the coin-operated amusement games. Hockey playing, ball playing, running, climbing on railings, skateboards, rollerblades, heelys, scooters and bicycles are not allowed.
  3. Children under the age of thirteen (13) must be under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of an adult at all times. If not participating on the ice, children must remain with their parents or coaches in the viewing area or bleachers.
  4. All hockey players must wear proper fitting helmets with chin straps fastened while on the ice or in player or penalty benches.
  5. Skaters may not be on the ice surface when the Zamboni doors are open.
  6. Locker rooms must be left in AS GOOD OR BETTER condition as the group finds it. Players are expected to clean up after themselves.
  7. Drivers must obey posted signs. Cars must be parked in the available spaces in the lots and may not pull up in front of main entrance doors or along walkways.
  8. Everyone must enter and exit the facility through the main lobby doors. Emergency Exits are to be used for emergencies only.
  9. RESPECT and COURTESY must be shown by our visitors at all times. Visitors must respond to rink staff’s requests – including vacating the premises – if requested to do so.

Those not in compliance with these rules will be subject to ejection from the property. Phillips Academy, in its sole discretion, may eject individuals and/or entire teams for actual or perceived violations of these rules.