StinkySocks Hockey is excited to introduce its new 3v3 Mini BYOT Adult Ice Hockey League.

What’s Mini-BYOT?

New for 2022-2023, Mini-BYOT is a 3v3 format of our BYOT leagues that’s played on a small ice surface. Mini-BYOT is a great way for teams that have a smaller roster to get into the action. With mini-BYOT, get ready for an amazing workout that’s fast-paced, with quick starts and stops in tight quarters, that’ll improve your reaction time and make you a better player.

What else is different? As a 3v3 on a smaller sheet of ice, there are no faceoffs, and the official is off-ice. Some other major differences are that penalties are taken as penalty shots. Many of the other differences are similar to street hockey, where there is no offside, no icing, and the team in that end takes out the puck after a goal/save. The mini-BYOT levels are slightly broader than the levels for our regular BYOT, with mixed lower, mixed mid, and mixed upper levels being offered.

3v3 highlights:

  • Build and manage your own team with our Mini-BYOT 3v3 leagues.
  • Allows captains to put together a smaller team.
  • Teach players quick decision-making.
  • Smaller ice rink makes it possible for more ice time and puck touches for each individual player