Flash Sale: Deals for Skaters and Goalies

What’s the Deal for Goalies?
Grab a couple of games or a season pass for the remaining games in an Open League to get free swag. Be sure to add coupon code FLASHTHELEATHER when registering for either offer.
Register as a full time goalie for any available summer season league as a goalie, play the remaining games in the season, and get a FREE SSH hoodie, shipping included.
Register for any 2 games on two different days that take place today through next Friday, 8/10/2018 and get a FREE SSH t-shirt, shipping included, after you play in both!
What’s the Deal for Skaters?
We’ve loaded up the Hot List for tonight and the first week of August to offer some awesome deals. Get skating as soon as tonight to take advantage of these offers.
Get any Hot List game that takes place today through 8/7/2018 for $10 off the regular price. There is NO LIMIT and NO COUPON is necessary. The offer will apply automatically with your full time member or veteran status.
Get an enhanced offer on Hot List games. Book any two Hot List games that take place today through 8/7/2018 and get $20 off your order. Thre is no limit. Use coupon code AUGFLASHSALE.
The Hot List door is wide open. Get in as many Hot List games as you want FREE.

Hot List games are games that we want to highlight. Sometimes they’re games we want to see more players attend, other times they’re already strong games that are randomly selected. By highlighing them we hope that players will try something different. Hot List games change as frequent as daily so always check back to see what’s been added.


We have an ongoing offer, open to all players, to save up to 30% on multiple Hot List games purchased at the same time. Additonally, full time member benefits allow those players to transfer into a Hot List game FREE when then need to call out of a game. Unlimited members can book a Hot List game anytime for FREE.

Offer Terms
Offers that include “Hot List” games are valid for games that take place between 7/31/2018 and 8/7/2018. Qualifying games for goalie spots take place between 7/31/2018 and 8/10/2018. To qualify, games must be booked on the same order and all orders must be booked between 4:30PM on 7/31/2018 and 8/2/2018, to qualify. Not valid for previous bookings. Not combinable with any other offer.