2015 Fall and Early Winter League Registration



With the summer winding down, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming StinkySocks Hockey season!  Below is a list of our upcoming programming that will be kicking off for the fall and early winter.

We’re pleased to announce that several of our popular locations are reopening for the Fall!  This includes Cambridge, Chelmsford, Quincy Shea, and the North End!


Andover Leagues: Phillips Academy

Intermediate (C): Thursdays | Saturdays | Sundays/Mondays
Lower Intermediate (C/D): Tuesdays | Fridays | Sundays
Novice (D): Mondays | Wednesdays | Sundays
Upper Level (C+B): Fridays

Bedford Leagues: Edge Sports Center

Lower Intermediate (C/D): Wednesdays
Novice (D): Tuesdays (Games also held at Valley Sports in Concord)

Burlington Leagues: Burlington Ice Palace

Intermediate (C): Thursdays (Morning)

Cambridge Leagues: Simoni Rink

Intermediate (C): Mondays
Lower Intermediate (C/D): Mondays
Novice (D): Thursdays
Lower Level (C+D): Thursdays (Morning)

Charlestown Leagues: O’Neil Memorial Arena

Upper Intermediate (B/C): Thursdays
Intermediate (C): Tuesdays

Chelmsford Leagues: The Chelmsford Forum

Intermediate (C): Wednesdays

Dorchester Leagues: Devine Rink

Novice (D): Wednesdays | Sundays

Milton Leagues: Ulin Rink

Intermediate (C): Tuesdays
Lower Intermediate (C/D): Wednesdays/Thursdays

Natick Leagues: Chase Arena

Lower Intermediate (C/D): Mondays

Quincy Leagues: Quincy Shea Rink

Intermediate (C): Saturdays
Lower Intermediate (C/D): Fridays | Sundays/Mondays

South Boston Leagues: Murphy Memorial Rink

Due to extensive roof damage to the building, Murphy Memorial Rink will remain closed through the Fall Season. Once the rink is back online, StinkySocks Hockey will resume our South Boston programming.

Somerville Leagues: Veteran’s Memorial Rink

Upper Intermediate (B/C): Sundays
Intermediate (C): Wednesdays | Sundays
Lower Intermediate (C/D): Tuesdays | Sundays
Novice (D): Mondays | Sundays
Upper Level (C+B): Tuesdays (Mornings) | Fridays (Lunchtime)
Lower Level (C+D): Mondays/Wednesdays (Lunchtime) | Thursdays (Mornings)

Westborough Leagues: Northstar Ice Sports

Lower Intermediate (C/D): Sundays
Novice (D): Mondays/Tuesdays

If you have any questions or concerns, or need further assistance in registering for a league, please contact us at our office at 617-440-PUCK.