June 26th and 27th, 2021

About the Tournament

You’ve all waited a long time for this… It’s time to get back into the barn for a tournament. Grab your team, a few friends, or just bring yourself for the appropriately named 2021 StinkySocks Hockey Back In The Barn Tournament.

The tournament takes place on Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend of June, June 26th and 27th, at locations throughout the Boston area. With the recent easing of CDC guidelines and the lifting of state requirements, you’ll be able to get in the barn with it looking much like past tournaments. We’re casting a wide net over a short period of time to group teams with other teams at their level while giving teams control of where they’ll play. Locations include Andover, Boston, Burlington, Natick, and Quincy, with each team selecting at least two that they prefer.

We’ll see you back in the barn!


In short, we’re getting you back in the barn in the same way that you have been in the past.

All CDC and State Guidelines Have Been Relaxed
Masks are not required for fully vaccinated individuals, showers are available, locker rooms are at full capacity, distancing is no longer required and spectators are allowed.

What’ll Be Different
For this tournament, there will be no onsite administrative staff other than our game staff. However, there will be a dedicated hotline that you can call or text at any time to address your needs.


The timeline for this tournament will move quickly. Please review the important dates that we’ve highlighted below.

Wed, June 3rd
Registration Opens

Fri, June 11th
Registration Closes

Wed, June 16th
Team Final Payments Charged
Team Roster Registration Opens

Fri, June 18th
Deadline for free agent placement
Schedule available

Thurs, June 24th
Team Roster Registration Closes

Sat/Sun, June 26th and 27th
Tournament Time!


Teams – $950
A deposit of $300 is required to register (non-refundable)
The final payment and extras charged on 6/16
$25/player for over 14 players
$60/game premium for games scheduled at Warrior Ice Arena

Individuals/Free Agents – $90
Fully refunded if you’re not placed by Friday, June 18th
$6/game premium for games scheduled at Warrior Ice Arena


One of the differences for this year’s tournament is that we are asking teams to choose at least two locations that they are willing to play at. Having more flexibility to schedule across multiple locations allows us to get as many teams on the ice as possible on a tight timeline. We appreciate your flexibility and will do our best to place your games at your primary location.

Location Options:

  • Andover* – Phillips Academy
  • Boston – Warrior Ice Arena
  • Burlington – Burlington Ice Palace
  • Quincy – Quincy Youth Arena
  • Natick – Chase Arena

*Please note that Phillips Academy has not yet aligned with the updated CDC and state guidance. We are expecting them to do so but in the event that restrictions are still in place, games will be played in Burlington instead.

Back in The Barn Tournament

What's Included

  • Minimum of (3) games per team, with the possibility of an additional semi-final (depending on division size) and/or divisional final game.
  • Team pricing includes 14 rostered players (inclusive of goalies), with the option to have up to 17 at an additional cost.
  • StinkySocks Hockey gift for every player.

Days and Times

All games will be scheduled between the hours of 8AM and 8PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Available Levels

Novice/Levels 2 and 3– This level is geared to those who have only played the game as adults and have not mastered all of the fundamentals. To qualify, players should have experience playing at the novice level in StinkySocks Hockey Standard Format Games, but not above, to play at this level in our tournaments.

Lower Intermediate/Levels 3 and 4 – This level is a good fit for those who started playing as adults or picked the game up again as an adult. High school playing experience or above is specifically a disqualifier at this level.

Intermediate/Levels 4 through 6 – This level is a good fit for those who have high school playing experience or the equivalent. Junior or college club experience or above is specifically a disqualifier at this level.

Upper Intermediate/Levels 5 and 6– This level is a good fit for younger players who have high school playing experience and those with college club experience. Teams who play together often and all have high school level experience, or the equivalent, are also a good fit for this level rather than intermediate. Collegiate D3 and above experience is specifically a disqualifier at this level.

Advanced/Levels 7 and 8 – This level is a good fit for younger players who have college club experience, as well as those with junior and D3 collegiate experience. Collegiate D1 experience or above is specifically a disqualifier at this level.

Divisions, Format, and Finals


The actual number of teams per division will be determined by entry. Divisions are established based on the levels offered for the tournament.


For divisions of four teams, there will be a round-robin format. Teams in a division with more than four teams will have their schedule drafted to play 3 randomly assigned teams.


Standings are calculated in this order:

  • Total points (2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss)
  • Most goals for
  • Fewest penalty minutes
  • Fewest goals against


  • Divisions with 6 or fewer teams will have the top 2 teams go to the final game.
  • Divisions with 8 or more teams will have the top 4 teams go to Olympic-style final games, with the top 2 teams playing for gold/silver and the 3rd and 4th placing teams competing for bronze.


General SSH tournament rules and polices are in effect for this tournament, some of which are highlighted below.


NCAA ice hockey rules will be enforced, with the following modifications:

General Modifications

  • No checking
  • Zero tolerance on fighting: any involvement in a fight on or off the ice will result in a lifetime ban from any and all StinkySocks hockey games, tournaments, leagues, etc.
  • Blue line automatic icing will be enforced.
  • Time (Rounds 1-3) – (3) 15-minute periods – last (1) minutes of the 3rd period (or overtime) stopped time if score is within 1 goal, (1) minute between periods and (3) minutes to warm up. Games can result in a tie.
  • Time (Semi-Finals and Finals) – (3) 15-minute periods, last (2) minutes of the 3rd period (or overtime) stopped time, (1) minute between periods and (3) minutes to warm up. In the event of a tie in regulation, overtime periods of 5 minutes  in length will repeat until there is a winner. Overtime is played as 4v4.
  • Officiating – (2) Referees per game
  • Timeouts – None, except final game, where each team will be given (1) one-minute timeout at any point in the game.
  • Penalties – Any player who has 3 minor penalties in a game will be ejected from that game. Any such disqualification will count towards the Three Strike Rule for team disqualification. A subsequent conduct issue on or off ice while exiting that game (e.g. unsportsmanlike conduct) will result in an additional game disqualification. A major penalty will result in player ejection from the game and disqualification from the tournament.
  • Players must be on bench before the end of the first period for any game to play in that game.
  • Players must participate in one game during rounds 1-3 to be eligible to play in a semi-final or final game.

Conduct Policies


A team that incurs 3 player disqualifications (individual game or tournament) will be disqualified as a team. Generally, player disqualifications come in the following forms:

  • Excessive Minor Penalties – A player is disqualified from a game if they are assessed (3) minor penalties in one game.
  • Major Penalty – A player is disqualified from the tournament if they are assessed a major penalty.
  • General Conduct – A player is given an administrative warning if improper physical or verbal conduct is observed. Upon a subsequent conduct-related issue, that same player would be disqualified from the tournament. Refer the “No Jerks” policy.
  • Level Challenge – If the level eligibility of a player is challenged by another team and that is upheld then then player will be disqualified from the tournament. Refer to the “Administrative Level Appeals.”


In the spirit of StinkySocks Hockey, it is expected that players conduct themselves with good sportsmanship and respect for others. Our “no jerks” helps to maintain an enjoyable environment at StinkySocks Hockey tournaments. It covers both physical and verbal conduct, be it on ice or off, and is an administrative process that is addition to in -game infractions.

Any player demonstrating actions on or off the ice that are deemed by any SSH staff member to be contrary to the spirit of a SSH tournament will be given one warning, with both the offending player and captain being notified. Any second violation will result in disqualification from the tournament and will count towards their team’s disqualification allowance (3/3 rule). This policy covers both off-ice and on-ice conduct. Any fighting or threat of fight by a player will result in disqualification from the tournament and release from eligibility for any and all future StinkySocks Hockey games and events. This is an administrative process and is separate from the Rules of the Game.


All teams must have jerseys of the same color that have unique numbers that are permanently adhered to their uniform. If you’re in need of jerseys, please contact us and we can help.

In the event of a uniform color conflict between two teams, the team that was registered first will have preference.

Officiating & Administration

Two StinkySocks Hockey on ice officials and one scorekeeper are guaranteed. A staff that’s invested leads to the best experience on ice. All officials and scorekeepers and managed directly with StinkySocks Hockey. Our staff members are more than just a set of stripes out on the ice. Each staff member is there because they meet our high standards for performance and proper game management, in accordance with our rules and policies.

For this tournament, there will be no onsite administrative staff other than our game staff. However, there will be a hotline that can be called or texted at any time to address your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the final payment get charged?

Final payments are charged automatically to the same card 10 days before the tournament.

How can I make sure that my team can use our preferred jersey color?

Jersey colors are requested at the time of registration. In the case of a jersey color conflict within your team’s division, whoever requested the color first by registering first, will be given preference.

We have players who all even out to the given level. Is that OK?

Unfortunately not. Level is one of the founding values at StinkySocks Hockey so all players must qualify to play at the level that their team is entering.

Do I need to roster a backup goalie?

It’s up to each team who they want to register. Even if you think that your primary goalie can make any and all games of the tournament we recommend having a backup registered due to any unpredictable circumstance. In the event that your goalie can’t play in a game, you will not be able to place your own goalie who is not rostered. The league will do everything possible to place a goalie who qualifies for the level you but that cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I submit my roster?

Captains do not submit rosters. Approximately 10 days prior to the tournament and after your team is paid in full we’ll provide you with a unique link to forward to your players. Each player can then register at that link prior to the player registration deadline.

When will I know the schedule?

We will provide the schedule approximately one week prior to the tournament. Even after that point it is possible that the schedule can change so players should be aware that games can take place at any time/location within the range given for each day.

I have extra players. Where do I pay for those?

If your roster exceeds the player allowance when player registration closes we’ll reach out to ask you who should be removed or, in the case you’d like to keep everyone, we’ll permission to charge the card on file for those exceeding the limit.

What if there’s a player on another team who doesn’t appear to qualify for the level?

We have a system of checks and balances to ensure equitable leveling. If at any point in the first two rounds of the tournament you team feels that a player on another team does not qualify for the level then you, as the captain of any team in the same division regardless of whether or not you’ve played or observed the other team, can issue a formal level challenge by alerting the onsite staff of your wish to due so. That starts the process and we’ll make a determination of eligibility based on our staff’s prior observations.

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