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More than One Way for a goalie to play

Just like skaters, goalies have three great options for participating in StinkySocks Hockey.

Full-Time Hockey Leagues

Join a StinkySocks Hockey league as a full-time goalie. When available, you can join a team in a league that will play at similar times and locations. Once you become a full-time goalie for a particular hockey league, you have the first opportunity to secure their spot in future seasons. Check out our online booking system for full-time goalie availability.

No Commitment Hockey for Goalies

Play game to game with the StinkySocks Hockey No Commitment Hockey program. As a goalie, you may pick up a game when you are available to play without the commitment of a hockey league. NCH allows goalies to commit to games on an individual basis when and where they want to play. No Commitment Hockey openings for goalies are listed in the “Goalies” section of our weekly email, Puck Week, and the most up-to-date listings can always be found right here on our website. All No Commitment Hockey goalie spots are capacity controlled by our booking system and are available to the first goalies to reserve online.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

With goalie camps and instructional sessions, StinkySocks Hockey will you develop the skills necessary to take your game to the next level!

Our Commitment to Goalies

We value you as a goalie, regardless of how often you play. We realize how expensive it can be to maintain a goalie bag so StinkySocks Hockey has committed to not charge goalies to participate in our Open leagues. The only exception is for ultra-premium locations, such as the Boston Bruins Practice Facility, where we charge a nominal $100/season due to the high demand and cost to play there. We maintain a 98% goalie show rate through reliable goalies, so all we ask in consideration for playing is that you help us keep that number as high as possible by continuing to be dependable.

Get Rewarded to Play as a Reserve

Go on call and get paid with our Goalie Reserve program. The way that the program works is that goalies provide their availability for each week. If we have a last minute goalie cancellation and don’t have anyone on the wait list to play then we’ll send out one of our reserves to that game. The more days that you made yourself available, the more points you’ll earn for each game if/when you’re placed. Points can then be redeemed for gift certificates, prizes, or converted to cash. Reserves must be available for at least 3 nights/week and be willing to play at the majority of our locations. This program is only open to a small amount of highly reliable goalies. To get started, contact us to let us know you’re interested.


StinkySocks Hockey jerseys are not required for goalies in the No Commitment Hockey program, although we request that you do purchase one if you’re playing regularly. We require goalies participating in StinkySocks Hockey leagues to purchase a reversible jersey, at a discount. You can have a look and order yours right here.

Goalie No Show Policy

Goalies are an essential part of the quality hockey game that players have come to expect from StinkySocks Hockey. Once registered for a goalie spot, you are committed to be there. If you need to cancel for any reason, we ask you to do so as far in advance as possible. With the right amount of notice we can almost always fill your spot.

With the help of our goalies, we have developed a “no show” policy. Please note that if need to cancel outside of the acceptable time period and you are able to provide us with a substitute goalie who is appropriate for the level and has agreed to take your spot (provided they play) then you will not be considered a “no show”. A “no show” is defined as not providing notice of a cancellation within the guidelines stated below:

Guidelines for goalie cancellations:

  • For game times that are at or before 12PM (noon) – Provide notice by 4PM the day prior
  • For a game beginning after 12PM and before 5PM – Provide notice by 9AM
  • For a game beginning at or after 5PM and before 8PM – Provide notice by 12PM
  • For a game beginning at of after 8PM – Provide notice by 3PM

You may provide notice by calling the league office or submitting a callout form online.