StinkySocks Hockey Game Formats


No Commitment Hockey is our traditional format, designed for individual and small group registration. Each game is essentially a very well organized pickup game that features a referee for structure. As with all of our games, you’ll be playing with others of your ability level and benefit from our signature policy of “no jerks”. Games are limited to 20 skaters and two goalies to maximize the amount of time that you’re on the ice.

BYOT Leagues allow captains to bring and manage their own team while not having to worry about administration headaches. You build the team and we’ll handle the player payments, help backfill player and goalie spots on a game to game basis if needed, and more. Teams never have a game that starts after 10PM and all games are either at the same rink or multiple rinks that are within 3 miles of each other.

Registration is done individually, although you may request to be grouped together with one friend for the purposes of a rideshare. Each team will have up to 11 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly.

New players must participate in an on-ice evaluation and are then drafted by established captains to create the best parity between teams. Existing players that captains are familiar with are not required to participate in an evaluation unless requested to do so.

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Players Who Are Here to Play Hockey

We’re dentists, firefighters, doctors, businesspeople, policemen, lawyers, electricians, and teachers, to name a few. As StinkySocks Hockey players, we love the game of hockey, enjoy friendly competition, and look forward to a great game, every game. We are an inclusive community with respect for one another. In short, we literally have a policy of “no jerks” at StinkySocks Hockey. Read more in Who We Are.


Standard Games Season Pass holders, paying BYOT rostered players, Unlimited Membership holders, Veterans and Active Military have access to exclusive benefits. Those include discounts on individual games and skills clinics through No Commitment Hockey, waived initiation fee for our Unlimited Membership, discounts on apparel, access our private stash of Bruins tickets, new player buddy passes, free or discounted skate sharpening, and more! Can’t make a Standard Game? Change it! Benefits allow you to swap into a Hot Listgame for free or apply a $10 credit to any other game that’s available on or before the day of the originally scheduled game. Have a look at our member benefits comparison for more info.

Balanced Levels

No B players in the D game, no C teams in the B league; it’s just one of the many things that makes StinkySocks Hockey different. This principle value is part of what we do to put you, the player, first. Visit the levels page to learn more about how levels are defined by StinkySocks Hockey.

No Ultra Late Games

You won’t have a west coast schedule.