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Build and manage your own team with BYOT. Captains get the control they’re looking for, from managing their roster to creating the best jerseys on the ice, all while not having to worry about administration such as team payments. For the work they do, captains are also given a gift or exclusive offer each season. Teams get the same or nearby locations, no super late game times, appropriate leveling, a positive playing environment, and more.


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BYOT Details


Our BYOT leagues are available year-round. Captains of current teams are given the first right of refusal for any subsequent season, guaranteeing their spot if they elect to continue. This will be offered at or about the 3/4 point of the season.


All teams are required to have uniquely numbered team jerseys. We offer discounted, fully customizable jerseys for all of our BYOT teams.


There will be single elimination playoffs at the end of each season. For divisions of 7 or less teams, the top 4 teams make the playoffs and the last 2 weeks are reserved for those games. For divisions of 8 or more teams, the top 8 make the playoffs and the last 3 games are reserved for those games. Any team that does not make the playoffs or are eliminated will still play their full amount of games stated in the season as regular/consolation games.

A playoff or final game that end in regulation with a tie will go to a shootout with 3 players from each team initially shooting and one from each team shooting per round thereafter. All skaters from each team must be used in a shootout before recycling players.

Game Format

All games have three periods of 15 minutes (in the case of a 50 minute hour) or 17 minutes (in the case of a 60 minute hour) of running time. The last minute of the game is stopped time if the score is within one goal. No team timeouts are permitted.

Schedule, Standings & Stats

Whenever possible, the schedule for the season will be posted before your league begins. Facility confirmation of hours may prevent this.

Officiating & Game Administration

We make every effort to make sure that there will be two officials and one scorekeeper at every game. Due to current staff shortages that are affecting all service industries, and particularly hockey officials, we cannot guarantee our expected staffing levels for the 2021-2022 season. Further compounding this is the need to pull out any game staff member who is not feeling well to ensure safety for all staff and players. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to navigate these times.

Keeping it Clean - Conduct Expectations

StinkySocks Hockey maintains a conduct policy, appropriately named our “no jerks” policy, that is based on our founding principles, as well as the standards and expectations of both our community and the rinks that we partner with. BYOT teams and players should expect good sportsmanship and competition, with the absence of any physical or verbal nonsense. They should do their part to contribute to that environment.

In the event of an incident, we review the actions of each involved player based on individual responsibility, meaning that each player is responsible for their own actions regardless of circumstance or the actions of another. Certain actions result in specific penalties, examples of which are below:

Intentional hit -> automatic one-game minimum
Intentional contact with the head in any manner -> automatic two games
3rd man in -> automatic two games
Leaving the bench area during an altercation -> automatic two games
Fighting -> zero tolerance, release from eligibility

What is a “3rd man in”?  It is important that BYOT teams know that if there is an altercation between players, all non-involved players must clear out of the area. No player may become involved even if their intentions are good, such as wanting to break up the altercation or protect their teammate(s). There is rarely an instance of a player becoming involved that does not further escalate the situation. As such, any 3rd party that involves themselves in a situation is considered to be a “3rd man in” and is subject to an automatic two-game suspension.

Rules & Policies

Please review the complete set of rules and policies that apply to BYOT Leagues.

Any player who is disqualified for any reason is not eligible to receive a refund and remains responsible for payment in full of any balance owed. In the event of non-payment, the team members, jointly and severally, are responsible for the balance of the disqualified player unless/until it can be collected from the individual.

Important info for those playing in Andover at Phillips Academy – Phillips Academy has a strict, zero tolerance, policy on alcohol possession/consumption on their property. If anyone on your team were to be found in violation of their alcohol policy then the entire team would not allowed to return and, as such the entire team would lose the ability to play there without an option for a refund.



By registering for a BYOT League, you are purchasing eligibility to participate in each of the series of games that are scheduled for the team on whose roster you are registering, provided that you meet the qualifications for eligibility. You agree to be bound by the rules and policies of the StinkySocks Hockey. It is possible for your team to have more players eligible to play than are allowed to play in any one game. The captain for the team that you have registered for will bear the sole responsibility of determining which eligible players will play on a game to game basis.


BYOT League registrations are a commitment and cannot be canceled under any circumstance. All deposits and payments are final. Payment plans are offered as a convenience and do not exempt the player from their obligation to pay their share of the team payment in full under any condition.


BYOT Leagues are priced PER TEAM, with the total cost of the season divided up amongst all of the players on the team. The individual player cost is determined by the final number or paying players on the team at the beginning of the season. To register for a team, each player must place a non-refundable $100 deposit and select whether the season balance should be paid in full at the start of the season or spread over a payment plan, if made available for the particular season. By registering for a BYOT league, players authorize StinkySocks Hockey to charge the card used for their deposit for the balance of their individual player cost, plus and applicable late fees, if the final payment option is not selected by the player. If a payment plan is elected, players authorize the charges to be made on the schedule offered, including any related payment plan fees or team cost adjustments.

Since the team’s payment is a shared responsibility, if any player’s payment cannot be collected within 21 days then that amount due will be assigned to the remaining players on the team, jointly and severally. Payments received from players added after the team cost is split that then result in a positive balance for the team, less any outstanding player payments, are credited after the conclusion of the season.

By registering for a BYOT team, you acknowledge responsibility for any outstanding balance that exists as a result of declined charge(s) or non-payment. Failure to make a final payment or elect a payment plan within 10 days of notice, or satisfy any outstanding balance, will result in a $20 late fee and, at the discretion of StinkySocks Hockey, may result in removal from eligibility from all StinkySocks Hockey games and events until payment is made. Players who are removed from eligibility due to an overdue balance are not entitled to any compensation for games that are missed while ineligible. In the event that StinkySocks Hockey must resort to third party collections, or legal action, to collect on your account, you agree to be responsible for any necessary costs incurred in the process.

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Highlights of BYOT

BYOT League Benefits

  • Reasonable hours – Say goodbye to those west coast start times – NEVER a crazy late game.
  • Predictable locations – What’s the sense in sending you all over the map? Our scheduling options allow you to choose a single location, play local home-and-home games, or play in a narrow geographic region.
  • The best rinks – Good ice surfaces in the most convenient locations. BYOT leagues are available at premium locations such as Warrior Ice Arena (Bruins Practice Facility), Agganis Arena (BU Men’s Hockey Facility), and Phillips Academy.
  • Never skip a week – You’re out there for the enjoyment of the game and for the workout so why skip a week? Play every week, even if your team doesn’t progress in the playoffs.
  • Specific leveling – With individual player qualification requirements.
  • “No Jerks” – We look to attract the right players. Like-minded captains and our Player Conduct Policy help to ensure they stay on the good side.
  • No surprise players – Controlled and enforced roster eligibility ensures that ringers don’t come and go.
  • Discounted team wear – Exclusive pricing and no reorder minimums on Mando Hockey custom jerseys and socks.
  • A local league that cares – visit us at our Boston office or call/text our full time office staff at any time.

Benefits for Players

  • Play extra BYOT games for free – Play for free when invited to play for another team at the same level when they are in need of players.
  • Split up your share of the team payment over time – Payment plans are available for all players to split up payments over the course of the season.
  • Online schedule and standings – view your schedule standings online.
  • Play as much as you want – Get out there as often as you want by playing our other game format, Standard Games. You can play in Standard Games on a game-by-game basis by registering through No Commitment Hockey. Plus, all BYOT players are offered a StinkySocks Hockey jersey (required for Standard Games) at 50% off, once per season.
  • SSH Full Time Player benefits – All paying players qualify for SSH Full Time Player benefits.

Benefits for Captains

  • We’re your partner in this – From registering to raiding the cup, we’re with you every step of the way to make sure that organizing your team is easy. Call, email, or text us 7-days a week to keep everything on track.
  • Players when you need them – Let us know as early as possible and we do the work for you to make sure that you have a goalie or extra skaters.
  • We handle the money – Be default, we manage your team account and collect payments. There’s never a need for you to collect money or track down those who haven’t paid.
  • Scheduling preferences – As long as they work with those from other teams then we usually can accommodate your team’s days and/or time preference.
  • Free captain gift every season – For Winter 2022, captains can choose from 50% off a customized Mando Hockey high-end composite hockey stick, among the lightest and most durable on the market, OR a free StinkySocks Hockey Lace-Up Jersey Set.

Level Guidance

We work closely with captains to ensure that the teams are being formed in an equitable way that will ensure balance, which is a vital part of the StinkySocks Hockey experience. Please call the league office to discuss leveling. Please note exclusion exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, usually if the experience that would exclude them is a significant amount of time in the past.

Level 2-3 (True Novice)

The true novice level is geared to those who are within their first 3 years of hockey experience, based on someone in their 30’s. It may also be appropriate for older players who started playing as an adult regardless of years of experience.

Level 3-4 (Lower Intermediate)

This level is geared towards those who began their hockey experience as an adult and excludes anyone who has had high school experience.

Level 4-6 (Intermediate)

All players in the intermediate range are eligible at this level. This level is most appropriate for those who have had high school level experience. It excludes anyone who has had any organized college experience (club or other).

Level 6-7 (Upper Intermediate)

Young players with high school experience and older players with college club experience, or the equivalent, are eligible at this level. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had NCAA divisional experience.

Level 7-9 (Advanced)

This level is most appropriate for those who have had NCAA divisional experience, younger players with college club experience, or the equivalent. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had D1 experience.

Level 9+ (Expert)

This is an open level that is suitable for those who have played recently at a high collegiate level, have had semi-professional or professional experience, or the equivalent.


There is no limit on the number of players each team can roster, unless otherwise noted. Game to game, captains can choose from that roster a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goalies to play.


All players must be registered and confirmed by the league office to be on the team’s active roster in order to be eligible to play. Teams are not be allowed to bring in a player who is not registered and confirmed to be on their roster under any circumstance. Doing so would have the game considered a forfeit, with forfeit rules applied.

To be eligible to play in any game, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered and confirmed on their team’s roster
  • Have a waiver e-signed
  • Be wearing a jersey matching the primary color of their team’s jerseys, and also have a unique number permanently affixed the back (e.g. numbers cannot be made of hockey tape and no two players can have the same number in a game).
  • Be a player in good standing, meaning the player is current on their dues and is not otherwise ineligible to participate in a StinkySocks Hockey game (admin hold, conduct case, etc)
  • Be prepared to provide an ID or display their BYOT league helmet sticker at attendance

Player Classification

  • Paying Players – Full time players are players who are committed to your team for the season. By default, full time skaters share equally the cost of your team. Full time players are granted Full Time player benefits with StinkySocks Hockey while their league is active.
  • Non-Paying Goalie – Teams may decide if their goalie(s) pay or not. Those not paying are considered to be in this category. Teams are not limited on the number of goalies on their roster and there is no charge for adding a goalie at any time.
  • Non-Paying Alternate Skater – Alternate skaters are charged only a $20 registration fee but do not contribute towards the team’s dues. Alternate skaters may participate in regular season games, and can participate in playoff games as long as they have played at least three prior regular season games in the current season.

Player Registration

Players may only register online with the unique team link that is provided by their captain. All players registered by the team’s registration deadline, as indicated on the team’s registration page, are eligible for the first game and will be on the roster provided to their captain at the season’s start.

Mid-Season Player Registration Process and Timelines

All players that come in after the team’s stated registration deadline are considered to be mid-season registrations. Mid-season registrations are manually processed, require a $20 late registration payment. Both the team captain and the player being added will receive a confirmation once they have been added to the team’s roster and the player being added is eligible only after that time. To be clear, skaters cannot be added on the same day as the game in which they wish to start.

Any new full time (paying) skaters or alternate (non-paying) skaters returning from a prior season on the same team must be added by noon on the business day prior to the game in which they wish to start to guarantee that they will be rostered. For weekend or Monday games, that translates to Fridays at 12PM. Goalies are the only players who are eligible immediately after submitting their registration online and e-signing their waiver. They do not require further confirmation, the captain simply has to notify the league office of their goalie’s registration.

Last Minute Player Needs

If you fall short for any one game, we can help. However, teams are not be allowed to bring in a player who is not on their roster under any circumstance. Doing so will subject the team to that game and one other being recorded as a loss.

  • Goalies – If you are unable to secure your own goalie, please notify the league office as early as possible. Requests within 24 hours are difficult to fulfill. As such, please be sure to reconfirm your goalie and request a replacement, if needed, at least one business day prior to your game to increase the odds of one being able to be placed. Each team is provided four (4) complimentary goalie placements per season. Any placements beyond that are subject to a $20 fee for successful placement and must be paid at the time of the request.
  • Skaters – If you need additional players for any one regular season game they may be sourced by the SSH league office from other teams in the same league. If the teams opts for this then you can take up to 3 skaters without the game resulting in a forfeit. However, accepting any players from another team for a playoff game will result in a forfeit.

BYOT Timetable

Below is a timeline summary of what to expect as you get started with BYOT.


  • Register your team with no deposit necessary from the captain.
  • Within 3 business days of registration (or when your league’s details are finalized) – The captain will be emailed a unique team registration URL to provide their players in order to register for the team’s roster.
  • To secure the team’s spot, there must have at least 4 paying players registered within 7 days. Paying players are those who are going to split the team’s overall cost and place a $100 deposit at the time of registration.

Before Your Team's First Game

Players register with a $100 deposit as paying players, who share in the team’s cost, or with a $20 registration fee for those who will be non-paying alternates.


The season schedule is posted. If any dates/times are pending with the rink those games will be posted as soon as we have scheduling commitments. The last 2 weeks are always held for playoffs.

At the Beginning of the Season

The team’s payment is split between the amount of paying players, those who registered with a $100 deposit. Each paying player’s amount due is that amount less their $100 deposit. They can elect to pay in full or spread the balance over the course of the season on a payment plan. Final payments or enrollment in the payment plan is required wit

Within 10 Days of Payment Split

All paying players must pay their individual balance in full or select a payment plan within 10 days of when they are notified of their amount due. Anyone paying after this time is subject to a $20 late fee and is subject from removal from their team’s roster until payment is made.


New paying players can be added, or converted from alternate status, with their cost being prorated. Players joining late incur a $20 registration fee. The complete amount of their payment is credited to the team’s account. Any full time (paying) skaters or alternate (non-paying) skaters returning from a prior season on the same team must be added by noon on the business day prior to the game in which they wish to start to guarantee that they will be rostered. For weekend or Monday games, that translates to Fridays at 12PM. New alternates (non-paying skaters) must be added five (5) days prior to the game in which they wish to start. Goalies are the only players who are eligible immediately after submitting their registration online and e-signing their waiver. They do not require further confirmation, the captain simply has to notify the league office of their goalie’s registration.

Any paying player whose payment plan payment cannot be collected after 14 days has that payment returned to team responsibility. That amount is debited from the team’s account and, in the case of a negative team balance, must be paid before the team’s next game.

4-6 Weeks Before Season End

Teams are given the first right to renewal for the next season, restarting this timeline for the next season.


Positive team balances are put towards the next season’s cost or refunded.

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