Charlestown *Sunday AM*

Register now for the Charlestown *Sunday AM* 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Season

Season & Cost

2023-2024 Fall/Winter

Toal Games
23 (guaranteed)

Guaranteed games are inclusive of playoff games. Teams that do not make or progress in the playoffs will still play the number of guaranteed games. There will generally be one game weekly.

Renewal Season
These locations are only offered in the fall/winter. This season renews for 2023-2024 fall/winter.

Captain Gift/Offer
50% off a stock or custom Mando Hockey stick

$6,325 based on 23 guaranteed games

Dates, Days & Times

Approximate Start Date

Approximate End Date

Day(s) of Week

Approximate Times
10AM and 11AM

Game Duration
Games are 50 minutes, with (3) running time periods of 15 minutes each.


Home Rink(s)

Level Divisions Available

**level availability is subject to change. Please inquire if your level is not listed.

See below for level guidance.

Notes Regarding This Location

Charlestown is to be used as the primary location. BU’s Agganis Arena may be added based on league growth. Date range is subject to change due to rink opening/closing TBA. Any change in the date range and the number of games will cause season pricing to be adjusted in proportionally.

Register A Team

BYOT Timetable

Below is a timeline summary of what to expect as you get started with BYOT.

Rolling: Team Registration

  • Register your team with no deposit necessary from the captain.
  • Within 3 business days of registration (or when your league’s details are finalized) – The captain will be emailed a unique team registration URL to provide their players in order to register for the team’s roster.
  • To further secure the team’s spot, there must be at least $400 in deposits within 7 days of when the team’s registration URL is received.

Pre-season: Player Registration and First Games Scheduled

  • Players register with a $100 deposit to commit to being a paying player and share equally in their team’s cost. Players can also register as a non-paying alternate with a $20 registration fee.
  • Player registrations must be received by noon on the business day prior to your team’s first game to be considered on-time and for the player to be eligible for the team’s first game.
  • The first couple of games of the season are posted to the online schedule approximately a week before the first game and the captain is alerted at that time. If any dates/times are pending with the rink those games will be posted as soon as we have scheduling commitments. The last 2 weeks are always held for playoffs.

Season Start: Rosters

  • On the day of the team’s first game, the captain receives a team account summary showing who has registered and previewing what the payment split looks like.
  • The team’s registered players are loaded to the team’s published roster. This is the sole eligibility list used for each game and may change game to game if a player is not eligible due to a past due payment, suspension, or any other reason. Captains must check this roster before each game to verify that names and numbers match up, and that anyone intending to play is listed as active on the day of the game.
  • New players can still be added, or converted from alternate status but all players registering from this time forward incur a $20 registration fee. Skaters must register by noon on the business day prior to the game in which they wish to start to guarantee that they will be rostered. Goalies are the only players who are eligible immediately after submitting their registration online and e-signing their waiver. They do not require further confirmation, the captain simply has to notify the league office of their goalie’s registration.

2 Weeks In: Deadline for Paying Player Registration

This is the deadline for paying players to register, those who registered with a $100 deposit. At this point the team’s payment is split between the amount of paying players. Each paying player is emailed their amount due with URLs choose to pay in full or spread the balance over the course of the season on a payment plan.

4 Weeks In: Individual Final Payments Due

All paying players must pay their individual balance in full or select a payment plan within 2 weeks of when they are notified of their amount due. Anyone not paid by this time is subject to a $20 late fee and is not eligible to play until payment is made.

6 Weeks In: Unpaid Players Removed

Any player who has not paid within this timeframe will be removed from the season and the team must make a single payment to cover his/her amount due.

Rolling: Schedule

We work hard to expedite the posting of your full schedule, working with the many complexities that are involved. The last two to three weeks are always held for playoffs, depending on the size of your division.

End of Season

  • Within the last two months of the season, each team is given the opportunity to renew for the next season with the guarantee of their spot if registered within a week of being offered.
  • In order to participate in playoffs, teams cannot have a past-due balance.
  • In order for individual players to participate in the playoffs they cannot have a past-due balance and must have played in at least 50% of the regular season games.
  • After the season, team balances are carried forward to the next season. Positive balances can be refunded instead if requested by the captain.

BYOT Level Guidance

We work closely with captains to ensure that the teams are being formed in an equitable way that will ensure balance, which is a vital part of the StinkySocks Hockey experience. All players must individually qualify for their team’s chosen level. If you have any questions regarding leveling we invite you to call the league office to discuss leveling.

Level 2-3 (True Novice)

The true novice level is geared to those who are within their first 3 years of hockey experience, based on someone in their 30’s. It may also be appropriate for older players who started playing as an adult regardless of years of experience.

Level 3-4 (Lower Intermediate)

This level is geared towards those who began their hockey experience as an adult and excludes anyone who has had high school experience.

Level 4-6 (Intermediate)

All players in the intermediate range are eligible at this level. This level is most appropriate for those who have had high school level experience. It excludes anyone who has had any organized college experience (club or other).

Level 6-7 (Upper Intermediate)

Young players with high school experience and older players with college club experience, or the equivalent, are eligible at this level. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had NCAA divisional experience.

Level 7-9 (Advanced)

This level is most appropriate for those who have had NCAA divisional experience, younger players with college club experience, or the equivalent. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had D1 experience.

Level 9+ (Expert)

This is an open level that is suitable for those who have played recently at a high collegiate level, have had semi-professional or professional experience, or the equivalent.