StinkySocks Hockey is proud to have the players and captains of the Greater Boston area’s original and longest enduring draft league continue into another great season. The upcoming 2024 Summer/Early Fall season of the Greater Boston Draft League gets started on June 20th.


The Greater Boston Draft League is open to level 6 through 8 players, which overlap our upper intermediate and advanced levels (except for level 9). This level range generally excludes anyone who has D1 collegiate experience, and those with very recent D3 experience, or those with equivalent experience. A definition of the upper intermediate and advanced skill ranges can be found below.

Evaluation Skate

The evaluation skate for new players takes place on Monday, 6/17. Time and location TBA.

Live Draft Event

The live draft event (optional attendance) will take place at 8PM on Wednesday, 6/19, at Casey’s in Somerville.

What To Expect


  • 13 guaranteed regular-season games
  • 3 guaranteed post-season games
  • 2 additional No Commitment Hockey games for skaters who already have a SSH jersey
  • 1 additional evaluation game for new players

Live Draft Party

Takes place at Casey’s in Somerville on 6/19. Light apps to be provided, cash bar available.

Professional Photo Coverage

Professional photo coverage, provided by Bruins Daily Periodic, posted to our Facebook page.


StinkySocks Hockey Reversible Jersey for skaters

  • can be upgraded to a StinkySocks Hockey Lace-Up Jersey Set for the difference in cost ($25).
  • (2) vouchers, each for a free No Commitment Hockey game, for skaters who already have a SSH jersey.

StinkySocks Hockey Lightweight Performance Goalie Jersey for new goalies

Additional Benefits

Additionally, all Draft League players qualify for StinkySocks Hockey full time player benefits that include discounts on games and merchandise.


2024 Summer/Early Fall

Total Games

16 (guaranteed)
Guaranteed games are inclusive of playoff games. Teams that do not make or progress in the playoffs will still play the number of guaranteed games. There will generally be one game weekly.


$420 based on 16 guaranteed games. Goalies play for free.

Dates, Days & Times


Approximate Start Date

Approximate End Date

Day(s) of Week


Approximate Start Times

7:30PM through 10:30PM through late August, then 9PM through 10:30PM

Game Duration

Games are 50 minutes, with (3) running time periods of 15 minutes each.

Additional Details

No game on 7/4.

Level Guidance

Level 2-3 (True Novice)

The true novice level is geared to those who are within their first 3 years of hockey experience, based on someone in their 30’s. It may also be appropriate for older players who started playing as an adult regardless of years of experience.

Level 3-4 (Lower Intermediate)

This level is geared towards those who began their hockey experience as an adult and excludes anyone who has had high school experience.

Level 4-6 (Intermediate)

All players in the intermediate range are eligible at this level. This level is most appropriate for those who have had high school level experience. It excludes anyone who has had any organized college experience (club or other).

Level 6-7 (Upper Intermediate)

Young players with high school experience and older players with college club experience, or the equivalent, are eligible at this level. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had NCAA divisional experience.

Level 7-9 (Advanced)

This level is most appropriate for those who have had NCAA divisional experience, younger players with college club experience, or the equivalent. It excludes anyone under the age of 30 who has had D1 experience.

Level 9+ (Expert)

This is an open level that is suitable for those who have played recently at a high collegiate level, have had semi-professional or professional experience, or the equivalent.

Draft League Details

How the Draft Works

Registration is done individually, although you may request to be grouped together with one friend for the purposes of a rideshare. Each team will have up to 11 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly.

New players must participate in an on-ice evaluation and are then drafted by established captains to create the best parity between teams. Existing players that captains are familiar with are not required to participate in an evaluation unless requested to do so.

Locations, Days, and Times

All games are expected to take place primarily at Veterans Memorial Rink in Somerville, Simoni Rink in Cambridge, MA, and O’Neil Rink in Charlestown. Some games may take place at Cronin Rink in Revere

Games are expected to take place on Thursdays with start times between 9PM and  10:30PM through March, then 7:30PM and 10:30PM. The schedule for the season will be posted after the draft.

Although game times changes are sometimes necessary, we will never change the days or times of your games outside the scope of what was expected without your consent.

Player and team stats are maintained by the league.

Game Day - Rosters and Format

Only players who were drafted on a team are eligible to participate in any game. Each team will have up to 11 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly. In the event that your goalie must miss a game, StinkySocks Hockey will place a goalie who is appropriate for the level as a fill-in.

All games have three periods of 15 minutes of running time. The last minute of the game is stopped time if the score is within one goal. No team timeouts are permitted. All minor penalties are 2 minutes in length. Major penalties result in ejection and offending players are subject to the conduct (aka “No Jerks”) policy of StinkySocks Hockey.

All practice and game pucks are provided by the league.

Officiating & Game Administration

You should expect two StinkySocks Hockey on-ice officials and one scorekeeper for each game.

A staff that’s invested leads to the best experience on ice. All officials and scorekeepers and managed directly with StinkySocks Hockey. Our staff members are more than just a set of stripes out on the ice. Each staff member is there because they meet our high standards for performance and proper game management, in accordance with our rules and policies.


All new players will be issued a StinkySocks Hockey reversible jersey in their first season, or they may upgrade to a pair of single-sided jerseys for the difference in cost. Be sure to have a look at the size chart for our jerseys and indicate your preference when you register.

Any player who already has a StinkySocks Hockey reversible jersey can instead opt to receive (2) vouchers, each of which can be redeemed for a free No Commitment Hockey game during the draft league season.

Rules & Policies

Please review the rules and policies that apply to this draft league. Most importantly, please familiarize yourself with our conduct (aka “No Jerks”) policy, which helps maintain an enjoyable playing environment.



By registering for a StinkySocks Hockey Draft League, you are purchasing the non-transferable right to participate in the games that are stated to be a part of that league, and are on the schedule provided for the team on which you are “drafted” (assigned to) at the beginning of the season, provided that you meet the qualifications for eligibility. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the rules and policies of the league. At any time during the season you, as an individual player, may be moved to any team in the same draft league for any reason that the league determines is necessary, including team parity within that league.


We want every game to be perfect and our promise to you is that we’ll make every effort for that to happen. However, there are many variables involved in producing a game, some of which may be out of our direct control at times. As such, our Draft League games are offered as a “best effort” service. Experiences that are imperfect in the following areas are ineligible for compensation:

GOALIES – Although StinkySocks Hockey cannot guarantee two goalies for any game, we do everything in our power to ensure that there are two goalies scheduled. As a result of our goalie backfilling process, it is rare that there is a game that goes forward without two scheduled goalies. However, on occasion, we may not be able to replace a goalie who has called out or there may be a scheduled goalie who does not appear (no call/no show).

LEVELING – We make every effort to ensure that teams in our draft leagues are even and will make changes throughout the season to that end.


GAME TIME – We guarantee that the scheduled ice block will be available for your Standard Game at or about the time scheduled. In the case that the facility is running behind, game start times may be delayed. In the case that a game is delayed more than 30 minutes or where a game is cannot be played (onsite cancelation), compensation in the form of a $10 promotional offer that can be used within 30 days towards an available Standard Game booked through No Commitment Hockey. This guarantee does not apply to any game that has been canceled in advance or if there is a circumstance beyond our control that prevents ice availability or safe operation of a game at the facility.

REFEREE (NOT VALID FROM 9/2021 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO KNOW STAFFING SHORTAGES) – We have two referees scheduled for every draft league game. In the case that the scheduled referee does not appear, compensation in the form of a $5 promotional offer will be issued before the season end, to be used within 30 days of issue towards an available Standard Game booked through No Commitment Hockey.


The purchase of a draft league can be canceled at any time up until 2 weeks prior to the date that the first game is scheduled for a full refund to the original form of payment. Draft league registrations are not otherwise refundable in part or whole for any reason, including injury or relocation.

MILITARY DEPLOYMENT BENEFIT – If you are an active military member and are deployed outside of the area during your season, you may cancel your season pass and receive a gift certificate in the full amount of the value of the remaining games when providing signed deployment orders. This is a regular gift certificate that does not have an expiration.


Your schedule may change at any time but will always be within the context of the days and times that are expected. In the event of a schedule change within seven days of the game, players will be notified at the email address on their original registration.


In rare cases, it is required for StinkySocks Hockey to cancel a scheduled game. In the event of a cancelation, we will make every attempt to contact players. To facilitate that, it is important to have current contact information on your original season pass order. Players are notified by text message, phone, and/or email. If you would like to be notified by text message (usually the quickest way to get out the message), please be sure that your primary phone number on your order is a number capable of receiving text messages.

Canceled games will be rescheduled and noted on your schedule.

WEATHER-RELATED CANCELLATIONS – Some games may be canceled in the event of weather. All weather-related decisions are deferred host facility as the entity in the best position to make a responsible decision based on the conditions in their area. Facilities may also deem it necessary to cancel a game if they are unable to provide a safe or otherwise usable playing surface.

Draft League Specific Rules & Policies

Rules of The Game

NCAA ice hockey rules will be enforced, with the following modifications.


  • No checking
  • One strike rule on fighting: any involvement in a fight on or off the ice will result in a permanent lifetime ban from any and all StinkySocks hockey games, tournaments, leagues, etc.
  • Blue line icing will be enforced.
  • Ice blocks of 50 minutes will have a 3-minute warmup, (3) 15-minute running time periods, and one minute between periods. Ice blocks of 60 minutes will have a 5-minute warmup, (3) 17-minute running time periods, one minute between periods.
  • All time is running time except the last minute of the period, if the score is within one goal.
  • There are no timeouts allowed.
  • Two on ice officials and one scorekeeper are provided.


There are single-elimination playoffs at the end of each season. Any team eliminated will still go on to play regular games to fulfill the total amount of games that they were guaranteed to have in their season.

The size of the division/league determines how many teams make the playoffs and how many weeks are reserved for them:

  • 7 or less teams: top 4 teams qualify, last 2 weeks reserved
  • 8 or more teams: top 8 teams qualify, last 3 weeks reserved

Points per game played for the regular season will be used to determine playoff-qualifying teams. Tie-breakers in order are:

  • Lowest penalty minutes
  • Most goals for
  • Fewest goals against

Additional modifications for playoff games:

  • The last two minutes of the third period are stopped time, regardless of the score.
  • A tie after regulation will result in a 5-minute (running time) overtime.
  • If the game is not decided after overtime, there will be a shootout. The shootout begins with a round of three shots per team, each from a different player. If the score remains tied thereafter, there will be rounds of a single shot per team until the game is decided. A player may not be chosen to shoot again until everyone all other players on their team have shot.

Rosters and Eligibility

Each team has up to 13 skaters and 1 goalie on their team’s roster.


All players must be registered and confirmed by the league office to be on the team’s active roster in order to be eligible to play.

To be eligible to play in any game, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered and confirmed on their team’s roster
  • Have a waiver e-signed
  • Be wearing a StinkySocks Hockey registered to them.
  • Be a player in good standing, meaning the player is current on their dues and is not otherwise ineligible to participate in a StinkySocks Hockey game (admin hold, conduct case, etc)

Teams are not be allowed to bring in a player who is not registered and confirmed to be on their roster under any circumstance. Any team who found to have allowed a player to participate who was not on their eligible player roster, or misrepresents a player being a player who they are not, will have the game it occurs in considered a forfeit.

Fill-In Goalies

If you are a goalie who cannot make one of your games, please notify the league office as early as possible. We will place a goalie with your team for the game you can’t make who is appropriate for the level. Teams cannot place their own goalies.


Regular season points will be calculated on the following:

  • Win – 2 points
  • Tie – 1 point
  • Loss – 0 points

Tie breakers for playoff determination:

  1. Most wins
  2. Goal Differential
  3. Least amount of penalty minutes

Automatic Losses and Automatic Ties


A team will automatically have a 1-0 loss in these cases:

  • There are not at least five or more skaters and/or no goalie by the end of the first period

A team who is expecting their goalie to show up may play the first period without a goalie, whereas those not expecting a goalie may accept a forfeit prior to the start of the game. They may not play an additional skater, may not have a skater play in the crease, and may not have any of the skaters play with goalie privileges. After a 1-0 loss is entered, a game will continue in a pickup format, with skaters being asked to change sides approximately every 10 minutes so that both teams have the opportunity to shoot on the goalie.


Team will automatically have a 0-0 tie in these cases:

  • When both teams appear without enough skaters and/or are missing a goalie.

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