Rules of the Game
Required Equipment
Conduct (“No Jerk”) Policy
Equitable Ice Time Policy
Appropriate Level Policy
Skater Attendance Policy and Call Out Procedure
Goalie Attendance Policy and Call Out Procedure
Theft of Service Policy
Player ID Policy
Jersey Policy
Age Restriction
Waiver of Liability Requirement
Standby Policy and Procedure
Privacy Policy

Rules of StinkySocks Hockey

NCAA ice hockey rules will be enforced, with the following modifications, unless otherwise noted for a particular game, league, or tournament.

Please note that the policies are not applicable to BYOT Leagues and tournaments are: Equitable Ice Time Policy, Attendance Policy (skater/goalie), and Standby Policy

General Modifications

  • No checking
  • One strike rule on fighting: any involvement in a fight on or off the ice will result in a permanent lifetime ban from any and all StinkySocks hockey games, tournaments, leagues, etc.
  • Blue line icing will be enforced

Roster Allowance Modification

  • Teams for all StinkySocks Hockey games, except tournaments, are limited to (10) players plus (1) goalie to ensure that you’re spending more time on the ice and less time on the bench.
  • In general, tournament teams are limited to (13) players plus (2) goalies.  Please refer to the specific tournament rules to confirm this.

Time Modification

To maximize playing time, StinkySocks Hockey games will be played in (2) halves, with a 5 minute warm-up and a short break in between halves (actual time to be maximized by judgment of the StinkySocks Hockey official).

Modification for Novice (D) level games only

  • No slapshots

 Playoff Games

Playoffs are typically offered for leagues where there are four or more teams competing.  All playoffs are single elimination.  Teams that are eliminated are still scheduled to play in a weekly game that has no bearing on the playoffs.  Any playoff game that results in a tie after regulation time will result in a NHL-style shootout. Each team will be given three shots, unless the outcome is determined earlier in the shootout. After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a “sudden death” format. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot.

Equipment Policy

All players are required to have the proper protective equipment that is designed for ice hockey, fits properly, and maintains the manufacture’s intended integrity. To clarify, the following equipment is required for participation:

  • Helmet that is HECC-approved and has throat straps securely fastened (no more than two fingers of room between the throat strap and the chin). Goalies must have a proper face cage/shield.
  • Gloves
  • Shin pads (skaters) or leg pads (goalies)
  • Elbow pads
  • Padded pants or girdle
  • Chest protector (goalies)
  • Protective cup (men) or pelvic protector (women)
  • Skates

The following are optional (except for goalies and at the skater’s own risk). They are, however, strongly encouraged for your safety.

  • Shoulder pads
  • Face shield/cage (skaters)
  • Mouth guard

Player Conduct (a.k.a. “No Jerk”) Policy

All players are subject to the player conduct policy, as interpreted by StinkySocks Hockey. Players are accountable for their own actions regardless of the actions of another individual.  Players are expected to conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. Chippy play, disrespectful verbal engagement, or contributing to the escalation of an incident, intentional physical contact with another player and any other disrespectful conduct is strictly prohibited by the “No Jerk” policy. StinkySocks promotes a clean game, a enjoyable playing environment and any actions that are contrary to that are considered a violation of the “No Jerk” policy.  Any conduct that is considered to be unbecoming of a StinkySocks Hockey player, in violation of the terms and conditions of purchase, and/or contrary to the league’s mission will subject the offending player to disciplinary action, as deemed necessary by the league. Upon any offense, StinkySocks Hockey may, at its discretion, take disciplinary action against the offending player in the form of a warning or other penalty up to and including permanent ineligibility to participate in any StinkySocks Hockey games, leagues and tournaments. Subsequent offenses will result in more stringent disciplinary action varying from suspension of play, up to and including permanent ineligibility to participate in any StinkySocks Hockey games, leagues and tournaments.

One strike rule on fighting: any involvement in a fight on or off the ice, challenge to a fight, or the threat of physical harm will result in a permanent lifetime ban from any and all StinkySocks Hockey games and events.

Players who are ineligible to participate in a scheduled game or event due to disciplinary action taken by the league will not be entitled to any refunds.  All decisions made by StinkySocks Hockey are final.

If you’ve identified an issue is any game that you’ve played in, we ask that you communicate your concern to the league office.  Player conduct reporting helps us to maintain the quality of our games.

Equitable Ice Time Policy

As a general rule, players should take shifts of approximately two minutes. Any player who is found to be deliberately taking lengthy shifts will be subject the player conduct policy.

Appropriate Level Policy

Players are asked to select games and leagues that are appropriate for their ability level.

Any player who accidentally finds themselves at a game that is clearly above/below their ability level has the option to leave the game right away and receive a credit for another game that is of their ability level.  If they are above the level and choose to stay and play, they are asked to bring their play down to the average player in that game and not be a game changing factor. As a part of that, they are asked to not shoot or rush the puck. Players who do not self-identify their level discrepancy may be asked by the official or a member of the StinkySocks Hockey staff to play according to the guidelines above.  Any player who does not come into compliance with this policy may be asked to leave the game without the option of a refund and may also be subject to the player conduct policy.

Any player who is identified as being ineligible for a particular level that they are already registered for as a full-time league player will be asked to move to another league that is of their proper level. At the discretion of the league, a player may be offered the option of staying as a level restricted player.  If they choose to be level restricted, they must follow the guidelines above.  StinkySocks Hockey discourages  playing in a level restricted status but may offer the option because we realize that some players who are above a level can play responsibly at a lower level.  Any player who chooses to be level restricted and then breaks their agreement to play appropriately will loose their right to be moved to another league.

If you have a concern that a player may not be appropriate for the level at which they’re playing, we kindly ask that you report it to the league office to help us unsure the quality and consistency of your experience.

Skater Attendance and “No Show” Policy

If you cannot make a scheduled game, we ask that you contact the StinkySocks Hockey league office by phone or a submission on our website. We guarantee not to exceed 10 players per team per game and, at the same time, we try hard to get as close to that number as possible to ensure a competitive hockey game. Doing so, however, requires your participation.

Full Time League Players
A player registered for a league as a full time player who misses a scheduled game for that particular league without notifying the league office will be subject to a warning upon their first and second offenses. They must also reconfirm their spot for the next game after the missed game in order to return. Players who fail to reconfirm will have their spot released 24 hours before the next scheduled hockey game for each game until they reconfirm their return date. Upon the third offense, their spot will be permanently released and they will receive a conduct warning.

No Commitment Hockey Games
A player who misses a No Commitment Hockey game that they have registered for without notifying the league office will be subject to a warning upon their first offense. Upon a subsequent offense within 90 days a two week suspension and conduct warning will be issued. Any three offenses within one year will result in a six month suspension from eligibility.

As a reminder, per the Terms of Purchase, registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable. Players may not, under any circumstances, send another player to a game in their place. Full time players, when canceling a game, may allocate their spot to another player as long as that player registers and pays within the time allotted for that specific game. Any player found sending an unpaid player will be subject to our conduct policy and the participating player will be subject to our Theft of Service policy.

Goalie Cancellations and “No Show” Policy

Goalies are an essential part of the quality game that StinkySocks Hockey delivers to its players. Once you sign up for a goalie spot you are committing to be there. If you need to cancel for any reason then we ask you to do so as far in advance as possible. With the right amount of notice we can almost always fill your spot. If you cannot make a scheduled game, we ask that you contact the StinkySocks Hockey league office by phone or a submission on our website.

With the help of our goalies, we have developed a no show policy that we think is fair and still maintains our quality objectives. A “no show” is defined as not providing notice of a cancellation within the guidelines stated below:

  • For game times that are at or before 12PM (noon) – Provide notice by 4PM the day prior
  • For a game beginning after 12PM and before 5PM – Provide notice by 9AM
  • For a game beginning at or after 5PM and before 8PM – Provide notice by 12PM
  • For a game beginning at of after 8PM – Provide notice by 3PM

Upon an offense, goalies who are a “no show” for a game, as defined above, are required to put down a deposit in the amount of $100 that is required to continue to participate. Such deposits are refundable after a period of one year, at which time a request for refund of the deposit may be made. If a deposit is not made then the offending goalie will become ineligible to participate in any StinkySocks Hockey game, league, tournament, or other event, until a deposit is made. Upon a subsequent “no show”, a offending goalie will become ineligible for the period of one year and forfeit any deposit that had been made. After that one year of ineligibility, they are required to once again put down a deposit of $100 if they wish to continue to participate.

Full-time league goalies who call out for more than 20% of their scheduled games in a given season may be subject to forfeiting their spot and their renewal rights for subsequent seasons.

Theft of Service Policy

Intentionally participating in any game or event without registering and paying is considered theft of service. Any player who is found to have participated in a game without having paid or having been authorized by an employee or representative of StinkySocks Hockey is in violation of this policy. Players found to be in violation of this policy will be required to pay a $100 fee in addition to the fees for the game or event in which they have participated, and will be issued a conduct warning.

Jersey Policy

All full-time league players are required to own a StinkySocks Hockey Reversible JerseyStinkySocks Hockey Single Sided Jersey Pair, or have their own set of jerseys certified by the league, to be eligible to appear on the roster for their league.

Full-time league players must wear their StinkySocks Hockey jersey in all league games. The failure to do so will result in a warning upon the first offense. Subsequent violations will result in ineligibility to participate in the league game.

The jersey requirement currently does not apply to players participating in a game through the No Commitment Hockey program. However, any NCH player who does not own a StinkySocks Hockey jersey is required to have both a dark and white jersey available for their game. Grey jerseys may not be used due them being indistinguishable. Red jerseys may not be used due to their conflict with StinkySocks Hockey’s white jerseys that have red in them.

StinkySocks Hockey jerseys are each uniquely numbered and all information about you as a player is reported using that number, such as attendance, conduct, and leveling. Do to their use as positive identification, players may not share or loan their jersey for use in a StinkySocks Hockey game. Any conduct violation committed by another player while they are in possession of your jersey will be considered a violation committed by you.

Player Identification

Players are required to fully identify themselves to any representative of StinkySocks Hockey when asked. Providing any false or misleading information will result in permanent ineligibility to participate in any StinkySocks Hockey games, leagues, and tournaments.

Age Eligibility

Players must be at least 21-years of age to participate in any StinkySocks Hockey event, unless otherwise noted. Certain exceptions may apply. Players who are under the required age are encouraged to call the league office to inquire about their eligibility.

Waiver of Liability Requirement

All players must read and sign a waiver of liability prior to participating in any game or related event offered through StinkySocks Hockey. Individuals may not participate in any hockey league game, tournament or skills without having signed a waiver. Waivers are only available in electronic form and are not available at games. Any player without a waiver e-signed prior to arriving at a scheduled game will not be allowed to participate.

Game Standby Policy


Getting On the Ice
In order to be eligible to standby for a game, players are required to be wearing a StinkySocks Hockey jersey unless they were a skater who can positively identify because they are on the roster as a No Commitment Hockey player in an adjacent (back to back) game.

Skaters wishing to stand by must alert the staff member (ref or scorekeeper) of their intent to play as a standby player for that game. If there is an open spot on the roster then they will be cleared to play right away. If the game is sold out and there are skater no-shows, standby skaters will be cleared for play in the order in which they requested to standby. The standby player may participate in the game if cleared by the StinkySocks Hockey staff member. However, if a rostered player arrives late then the standby player must exit the game and will not be charged, as StinkySocks Hockey does not allow more than 10 skaters on a team.

Paying After Participation
After participating in a game as a standby player, the player must pay the associated game fee by midnight that night. Any payment made after that time is subject to a collections fee of $5. Failure to acknowledge a collections email or call will subject the offending player to the Theft of Service Policy.

Privacy Policy

StinkySocks Hockey is committed to keeping your information private and makes every reasonable attempt to do so. We will never share or sell your information. Furthermore, we will not release your information to anyone without your consent. However, any player who is found to be in violation of our rules and policies waives their right to privacy.