Experience a better choice in hockey… This is hockey, redefined.

Is your group the right fit for StinkySocks Hockey? We make it easy for team captains and group leaders to transition to a better league. We handle all payments directly so you aren’t chasing teammates or taking responsibility for large upfront league fees. We even offer your teammates the ability to split up payments into a payment plan.

Contact us today to see how you can keep your hockey team together, make your life easier, AND play in a hockey league that’s committed to your satisfaction and a quality hockey experience!


Why Should You Do All of the Work?

Are you getting the feeling that you’re doing all of the work? Have you scrambled for players at the last minute, stressed about finding a goalie, worried about collecting payments from players or been burnt by the guy who promised to pay? With StinkySocks Hockey, all of this in your past. We don’t think you should have to do anything but get your team or group together and enjoy a great hockey experience. Some conveniences that StinkySocks Hockey offers team captains include:

  • Goalie Replacement – StinkySocks Hockey will find a goalie if your goalie(s) is/are unable to make a game, ensuring the highest quality hockey experience.
  • Bench Replacement – StinkySocks Hockey will fill roster spots when players can’t make a game. For Open leagues, that gets your team as close to ten players as possible. With any leagues, that keeps your team and the game competitive and your players fresh.
  • Payments – StinkySocks Hockey handles all payments AND players can elect a payment plan to spread the payments over the course of the season.
  • League Management – StinkySocks Hockey maintains a league office to enforce polices and ensure that you’re getting the hockey experience that you paid for.
  • Customer Service – StinkySocks Hockey puts your hockey experience first. We offer a level of customer service that you will not find in any other hockey league.
  • Exclusive Benefits StinkySocks Hockey offers valuable discounts for your hockey team, including multiple league discounts, equipment discounts, Boston Bruins tickets, the opportunity to skate in an unlimited* amount of No Commitment Hockey games for one low monthly cost, and more.


How the Process Works

Ready to make a positive change?  Getting started with us is easy.

1. You, as the hockey team captain or group leader, contact the league office to indicate that you are interested in bringing a group or team to play in StinkySocks Hockey.

2. For Open Leagues, we reserve an agreed upon number of spots for you and provide a time frame, within which your players may book their spots. For BYOT Leagues, we’ll hold your team’s spot and you’ll have 7 days to get at least 10 players registered.

3. Players book spots online or over the phone. StinkySocks Hockey handles all of the payments and administration.

4. For Open Leagues, any unfilled spots on your team (up to the max of 10) are filled with individuals assigned by StinkySocks Hockey for the season or on a game by game basis. For BYOT Leagues, you decide who plays in each game.

5. You and your team enjoy season after season of awesome hockey!

From a Captain’s Perspective

View a testimonial from a captain who recently moved his team over to a StinkySocks Hockey Open league.