Experience a better choice in hockey… This is hockey, redefined.

Is your group or team the right fit for StinkySocks Hockey? We make it easy for team captains and group leaders to transition to a better league. With StinkySocks Hockey, you can keep your hockey team together, make your life easier, AND play in a hockey league that’s committed to your satisfaction and a quality hockey experience!


Why Bring Your Group/Team Here?

Here’s just a few of the reasons other captains/group leaders have chosen StinkySocks Hockey:

  • Play Games in the Same Area It never makes sense to wonder which part of the state you’re driving to this week. With StinkySocks Hockey, almost all of our leagues play at the same great location weekly. For those that go between two locations, they’re never more than a few miles apart.
  • Play On an East Coast Schedule – 10:30PM or 11PM start times? Not here. We keep you on an east coast schedule with all games starting at or before 10PM.
  • The Best Locations – Play at facilities like BU’s Agganis Arena, the Bruins’ practice facility, and Phillips Academy. You’ll love the facility and ice quality as much as you love the StinkySocks Hockey experience!
  • No Jerks, Period – You and your players come to play hockey and get up for work the next day. You should expect others to be there for the same reasons and your league should make sure that other teams share in that simple vision.
  • Levels That Mean Something – It doesn’t make sense to have a former college player out there with someone who just started. Our levels are specific and enforced.
  • Known Players – We know who each and every player is on the ice. Why does this matter? There’s no way to keep leveling and conduct where it should be otherwise.
  • Get Professional League Management – The StinkySocks Hockey league office is filled with a committed full time staff to enforce polices and ensure that you’re getting the hockey experience that you paid for.

Which League Format is right for you?

We have two options for groups/teams. Which choice you make depends on a few factors. With both you still get that signature StinkySocks Hockey experience with an upfront schedule, no jerks, leveling safeguards, and more!

Open Leagues

Open Leagues are built towards individual and small group entry with consistency in mind. That means a consistent day and similar times weekly and the workout/fun experience being the number main priorities. Players here are looking for a relaxed but structured environment, with no stats and the idea of forgetting what the score was by the time you hit the parking lot. A great way of looking at it is that Open Leagues are essentially extremely well organized pickup games and your season is a series of those games. To get the scheduling consistency there are a limited amount of teams per league (2-4). The league handles backfilling goalie and skater spots, with benches never exceeding 10 skaters to maximize ice time. You and all of the other players just show up to your game and everything is taken care of for you. Open Leagues are priced per player. Learn More →

BYOT Leagues

BYOT Leagues are geared towards the more serious hockey minded individual, with full teams that are fully controlled by the team captain. Those captains build their teams to be the most competitive possible, within the confines of the level. Stats are maintained. Each league has at least 4 and as many as 10 teams. To allow for a larger team base, BYOT Leagues usually have games on multiple nights weekly that are specified in advance. Captains decide how many players should be on their roster and who plays in each game. BYOT Leagues are priced per team, with the individual player cost being determined by the number of paying players on the team. Learn More →

What your team will get with both formats

  • We’re Here, At Your Service – StinkySocks Hockey puts your hockey experience first. We offer a level of customer service that you will not find in any other hockey league. Call 617-440-PUCK, web chat right here online, submit a form online, text us at 617-440-7825, visit us at our office in Boston – whatever your preferred way to reach out is, be assured of one thing… we’re here to help.
  • Your Players Get Exclusive Benefits –  StinkySocks Hockey offers valuable discounts for your players including discounts on No Commitment Hockey games and additional league registrations, equipment discounts, Boston Bruins tickets, no initiation fee to skate in an unlimited* amount of No Commitment Hockey games for one low monthly cost with our Unlimited Membership, and more. See Benefits →
  • Forget About Chasing Down Money – StinkySocks Hockey handles all payments and players can even elect a payment plan to spread the payments over the course of the season.

Sound Good? Let’s Get Started.

Ready to make a positive change?  Getting started with StinkySocks Hockey is easy.

1. You, as the hockey team captain or group leader, contact the league office to indicate that you are interested in bringing a group or team to play in StinkySocks Hockey.

2. For Open Leagues, we reserve an agreed upon number of spots for you and provide a time frame, within which your players may book their spots. For BYOT Leagues, we’ll create a unique link for your team and you’ll have 7 days to get at least 5 players registered to secure your team’s spot.

3. Players book spots online or over the phone. StinkySocks Hockey handles all of the payments and administration so you aren’t chasing teammates or taking responsibility for large upfront league fees. We even offer your teammates the ability to split up payments into a payment plan.

4. For Open Leagues, any unfilled spots on your team (up to the max of 10) are filled with individuals assigned by StinkySocks Hockey for the season or on a game by game basis. For BYOT Leagues, you decide who plays in each game.

5. You and your team enjoy season after season of awesome hockey!