Combat Hockey Skills Challenge


Join us from 11:30AM-1PM on Saturday, March 31st, 2012, at Quincy Youth Arena for the Combat Hockey Skills Challenge.  This is a free event that is open to the general public but capacity is limited.  All participants will have the opportunity to demo Combat Hockey sticks.  Demo sticks will be provided and their use is required for entry in the skills challenge.  This event takes place during the StinkySocks Hockey 2012 Boston’s Best Tournament but participants do not need to be a part of a tournament team to participate.  Simply fill out the form below to be a part of the challenge.  A driver’s license will be required at check in.  Prizes will be awarded to winners.


  • Demo and warm up – Players will have the opportunity to try different demo sticks to find their perfect Combat Hockey stick for the competition.
  • Event 1: Shot Accuracy – No goalie, targets used
  • Event 2: Fastest Shot – No goalie. shot from the hash marks.  In order for the shot to count, the shot needs to be on net.  Two pucks will be given for each participant.  Radar gun will be used.
  • Event 3: Breakaway Challenge – Participant starts form the blue line.  Player will continue to do the challenge until they miss.  Goalies are judged based on percentage saves.


There will be one winner per level for each competition area (fastest shot, beat the goalie, accuracy).  A win is equal to one point.

The prize for the winning goalie is a Combat hat, Combat t-shirt, and $50 StinkySocks Hockey gift certificate.

About Combat Hockey

Although the name is not well known, these are among the best sticks available, and come at a value price point.  Used by players throughout the pros by players like Jaromir Jagr and Dustin Brown, as well as goalies like Ondrej Pavelec, Combat Hockey offers products that that are “for players, by players”.  They were the first in the world to produce a composite stick, which they designed and manufactured for all of the big brands before they all moved their manufacturing offshore.  Combat remains the leader in quality, innovation, and design, producing sticks that are superior to all of the big brands at a fraction of the cost.  StinkySocks Hockey exclusively offers Combat Hockey equipment because we believe in their products.  We’re offing the chance to try them out on the ice so that you can be as amazed as we have been.  To learn more about Combat Hockey and their products, please visit their website.