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Combat products provide unsurpassed performance, quality, and value.

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Why WE trust Combat Sticks

Innovation: Combat Hockey engineered and produced the world’s first ever composite hockey stick. That changed the hockey world forever and Combat continues to do the same today.

History and Engineering: Combat Hockey was trusted by hockey equipment companies like Bauer to engineer and manufacture all of their composite sticks for years prior to those brands moving their mass production offshore in pursuit of lower cost manufacturing. During that time they produced over one million sticks under the Bauer brand alone, including those trusted by their fleet of NHL players. Combat Hockey continues to be internationally recognized as composite design, manufacturing, and engineering experts. This is not a upstart brand putting their name on a product that someone else is throwing together… Combat Hockey is where it all began.

Value: All StinkySocks employees use Combat Hockey sticks because there is absolutely no compromise with them. They are far and away the best product at the best price. Most other brands under perform but still cost much more because of the cost that those companies pay to market their product to you.  With Combat we get the best technology available without that marketing premium.

Why YOU should trust Combat Sticks

Combat Hockey has the most experienced and talented engineers who are designing the most cutting edge hockey products on the planet.

Combat Hockey is made up of industry leaders who have a genuine love and enthusiasm for the game and their product. Their staff consists of elite level players, past greats and weekend warriors that truly understand players’ needs. They are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing, and engineering experts, but like you are also die hard fans and players. Above all, they truly live by their motto: For Players, By Players.

Simply put, Combat Hockey makes better quality, lighter, and better performing sticks and offers them at lower prices.

Who’s Using and Talking About Combat?

In addition to players just like you, below is one forward and one goaltender who trust Combat:

Jaromir Jagr
– Philadelphia forward, 2-time Stanley Cup Champion, Hart Trophy Winner (NHL MVP), and 5 time Art Ross Trophy Winnder (NHL top scorer).


Ondrej Pavelev – Winnipeg starting goaltender, member of the 2011 Czech Olympic team.


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