2015 Spring Breakaway (West) Tournament

SATURDAY, May 9, 2015 – SUNDAY, May 10, 2015

Please note that this tournament location has been canceled due to scheduling issues. We are working hard to reschedule an alternate weekend at this location but please check out the Quincy location in the meantime.


NorthStar Ice Sports
15 Bridle Ln
Westborough, MA 01581

Game Times

Games are expected to start between 8AM and 9PM on Saturday and 8AM and 8:30PM on Sunday. Teams will have two games on Saturday and one on Sunday. Qualifying teams will play semi-final and final games on Sunday.

Rules and Policies

General SSH tournament rules and polices are in effect for this tournament with the exception that captains for this tournament may roster up to 16 players. No more than 13 players may dress for any one game from that roster and there will be an additional fee of $40/player for rosters that contain more than 13 players.

The top 4 overall teams in any level that has 8 of more teams will proceed to the semi-finals.  For any division that has 6 or less teams, the top 2 teams will proceed to the final game in their respective level.

Available Levels

  • Novice (D) – 4-8 teams – This includes players at the novice and lower intermediate(D to C-) levels
  • Lower Level (C) – 4-8 teams – This includes players at the intermediate (C) level
  • Upper Level (B) – 4-8 teams – This includes players at the upper intermediate and advanced(B to A) levels

Appropriate leveling is just one way that StinkySocks Hockey tournaments differs from others. We ask that captains keep things fair and enter their team into the division that is most appropriate for them.  It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the divisional policy, which has been developed as a system of checks and balances to ensure fair leveling within our divisions.  If captains have any questions about levels or player eligibility, they are encouraged to call the league office to discuss before submitting their roster. – See more at: http://www.stinkysocks.net/tournament-rules-and-policies/

What’s Included

  • Minimum of (3) games per team, maximum of (5) games per team, based upon how your team places.
  • StinkySocks Hockey gift for every player.
  • Prizes awarded to first place team in each division.
  • Random drawing for team captain door prize – a composite hockey stick

SSH Tournament Extras

  • Ability to receive text message updates throughout tournament
  • Music played in between whistles
  • Complimentary refreshments – unlimited bottled water
  • Complimentary bottled sports drinks on bench for finals
  • Professional StinkySocks Hockey staff onsite throughout tournament
  • Tournament desk hotline
  • Video and photography coverage provided by Bruins Daily
  • True leveling! We ensure that teams enter at the level that’s the best fit for them and that all players qualify for the level at which the team is entered. Even leveling and no ringers, just as you’ve come to expect from StinkySocks Hockey.
  • No jerks! We maintain a tight player conduct policy to give you the enjoyable experience that you’re looking for.


Pricing and Deadlines

Tournament pricing is $875 per team, if paid in full before 4/10/2015

  • Deposit of $250 required to reserve your team’s spot – rolling deadline, as spots are available.
  • Final payments are due by 4/10/2015 to be locked in at the $875 rate and for the team captain to be eligible for the captain door prize.
  • The price increases by an additional $50 for any team that has not paid in full on or before 4/10/2015.  All final payments must be received before 4/24/2015.
  • Final rosters must be submitted by 5/1/2015. There is an additional fee for any roster received after the deadline.

Sign up now to be placed on a team. Pricing is $85 per player.

*all tournament information is subject to change.