The following testimonial was provided by a team captain who recently brought his team to StinkySocks Hockey. To get the process started to bring your team to StinkySocks Hockey league and experience all of the benefits we have to offer, contact us today.


“What do you think? That was the question that was asked when we decided to join StinkySocks Hockey as a team. Every phone call that was made to see who was in and who was out ended the same way. What do you think? They have a “no-jerk” policy. What do you think? Plenty of ice time with only 10 guys a side. What do you think? There’s always a ref and 2 goalies. What do you think?

We came into the league with low expectations. We were veterans of pickup skates that had 1 goalie and 8 skaters show up. We were survivors of leagues where fighting was the norm and people played WAY over the edge. Some of us had never played with a ref, with face-offs, penalties or off-sides.

As we sit on the cusp of the playoffs (Wait! There’s playoffs too?); the guys on the team are counting this Summer with StinkySocks as a success. Good competition, great people and the added advantage of playing the same night every week in the same rink. For a few of the guys, that was the selling point. We’ve brought our wives, girlfriends and kids to the games to see us play.

Personally, I’ve been involved in organizing a number of skates and have dealt with league officials in other organizations. This experience has been painless. From providing us a goalie to cover, or providing skaters when we’re short, or to just answering all the dumb questions 11 hockey players can come up with, working with Peter and the StinkySocks crew has been a pleasure. In other organizations, you sometimes feel like a checkbook on skates, with these guys, you feel part of something.

What do you think? We think it’s been great. The Monkey Riders will be back next year!”

– Adam B