Bus Departure Location

A Yankee Line, Inc.
370 W 1st St (W 1st at Pappas Way)
Boston, MA 02127

Please note that the actual entrance to their lot is on Pappas Way.  When you turn onto Pappas way from 1st St, look for the yellow buses on the left.

Parking for Bus Passengers

Complimentary parking will be available at the pickup location for the weekend. Further direction on parking will be given by the lot upon arrival.

Bus Loading Procedure

Bus loading will begin at 7:30AM on Friday an departure will be at 8:00AM sharp.  Participants will need to present a valid passport at check in.  Each lodging area in Mont-Tremblant will be associated with a conpartment and bags belonging to passengers staying each lodging area will be stowed together to ensure a quick drop off upon arrival.  There will be SSH staff members who will load your bags for you after checking in.  Passengers will not be allowed to load bags on their own to ensure that we are able to pack in the most efficient way possible.

What to Expect on Board the Bus

Our luxury coach is configured with half the seats of a typical coach so there will plenty of room for you to stretch out and relax in your first class seat.  Complimentary wifi access and power outlets are available at every seat.  Movies will be offered throughout the trip.

Bus In Transit

Brendan and Anthony will be your bus captains for this year.  Please follow their instructions to ensure a smooth trip.  At each stop the bus captains will do a roll call to be sure everyone is accounted for.

There will be one stop on the way up for lunch and one stop for dinner on the way back.  You can view food and services for the way up or the way back online.  Additionally, the bus will make a stop at a grocery store immediately before arriving at the resort so that passengers can stock up on food for the weekend, if desired.  You should expect to arrive at the resort at approximately 5:00PM.

Bus at The Border

Passengers are responsible for verifying their eligibility to enter Canada prior to departure from the US.  Passengers are also responsible for presenting themselves to Canadian and US officials in a way that will not prohibit their entrance into the country.  Any passenger who is not granted entrance into Canada or the US will be left at the border and will be responsible for finding their own transportation.  It is also suggested that you familiarize yourself with customs regulations prior to arrival at the border.

Bus Schedule

Friday, February 28, 2014

7:30 AM   – Begin begins loading bus in Boston
8:00 AM   – Depart Boston
12:00 PM  – Arrive Colchester, VT for lunch (0:45) – VIEW FOOD AND SERVICES
12:45 PM   – Depart Colchester, VT
1:30 PM   – Arrive US/Canada Border
1:45 PM   – Depart border
4:30PM – Arrival at Mont-Tremblant, stop at grocery store
5:00PM – Depart grocery store and soon after arrive at resort

Monday, February 3, 2014

11:00 AM   – Bus pickup at your condo in Mont-Tremblant
11:30AM – Bus departs resort
11:45 PM   – Brief convenience store stop
2:30 PM   – Arrive US/Canada Border
2:45 PM   – Depart border
4:45 PM  – Arrive Lebanon, NH, for dinner (0:45) – VIEW FOOD AND SERVICES
5:30 PM   – Depart Lebanon, NH
7:30 PM – Arrive Boston, MA

The schedule above is approximate only and is subject to change.

Info For Those Traveling By Car

You should map to the resort here.  Please be advised that check in time is you will not be able to obtain your keys from reception.  All keys will be left in the condo for distribution after the bus arrives around 5PM.  Please check back here on Friday for your condo unit assignment, as we have not received that info from the resort.