Info for Hockey Players

We would like to welcome all our returning and new players to the 2014 Quebec Winter Classic. The info on this page are some things we would like to tell the new players and remind the returning players about.

As you’ve been made aware, this trip has evolved into a “hockey experience” that will provide much more ice time than the originally scheduled tournament and will put the emphasis on having fun playing a lot of hockey on the outdoor rink. We’re ready for some good hockey to be played this weekend!

Changing Area: The Warming Hut

This year we will again be using the Warming Hut at the rink to get changed before and after the games. We are asking that everyone be at the rink 15 minutes prior to the start of the games. Some players also may choose to dress before they leave their condo unit.

The Park and Rink Area

If you are walking around the park where the rink is located, please be aware that it is covered with ice and snow and may be slippery.

Be careful making your line changes! Players from previous years will remember the terrain around the bench is uneven so please be careful getting on and off the ice.

Bring your skate guards! Although the snow and ice isn’t likely to harm your blades too much you never know what you might encounter as you make your way towards the There is a ten foot section of path leading to the ice that is not skate friendly. Please remember your skate guards. We don’t want anyone’s blades getting chewed up!

Important Note Regarding Face Shields

Please note that face shields will frost almost immediately and be rendered unusable. Be sure to install a cage in place of your shield before departing to ensure that you’re protected AND can see the game!

Equipment – Full equipment is required
– Players this year should have a StinkySocks Hockey reversible jersey or both a dark and white jersey.
Level – All teams consist of mixed level players evening out to C level play overall.
Format –
4v4 play to open things up (subject to change)