Weather and Packing

The winter weather can vary greatly in Mont-Tremblant.  For the 2014 Quebec Winter Classic we’re expecting temperatures at game time to be in the teens (°F).  Nighttime weather is expected to be in the negative single digits (°F), although temps can vary and can be extreme at night.  Please be extremely careful to cover all skin when outside on at night if temps are extreme.

In any case, be sure to pack and dress appropriately for the cold weather.  A base layer under your hockey equipment is a must!  The best place for accurately updated weather info is from Environment Canada and you can also visit The Weather Channel.

It can get very cold in Mont-Tremblant. These are some of the essentials…

Winter hat
Winter coat
Long underwear
Wool socks
Ski pants
Snow boots

IMPORTANT: For hockey, please note that shields will frost almost immediately and be rendered unusable.  Be sure to install a cage in place of your shield before departing to ensure that you’re protected and can see the game!