Instructional Hockey Programs for Goalies

Goaltending is one of the most difficult and important positions on the ice.  StinkySocks Hockey provides goaltenders with weekly skill sessions and goalie camps to work on improving your game, adding new skills, and sharpening the skills that you already have.  Movement, positioning, puck handling, rebound control, angles, various save types and the mental side of the game are all addressed within the context of your dominant style (stand-up, butterfly or hybrid).


Individual Goalie Instructional Sessions

StinkySocks Hockey Goalie Instructional Sessions allow goalies to choose individual sessions. These are small group goalie sessions (no more than 4 goalies) with an instructor designed to work specifically on goalie skills.

Our main focus is to develop any age and range of talent into a better, more accomplished goaltender. Through results-driven training and years of proven techniques and coaching methods, we focus on making sure every goaltender leaves the ice better than when they came on. Sessions will focus on skills, stamina, reaction time, quickness, mental toughness, and game situations. Teaching the technical side of goaltending is not enough, we make it our priority to educate goalies on how to compete and win under pressure situations.

Before our goaltending sessions, we start by encouraging you to discuss your background, specific style, recent play, and goals to help us assess your strengths/weaknesses and identify the parts of your game that need the most work.  You will learn and incorporate these skills right away by facing shooters in drills developed from game situations. Towards the end of each session, we will finish by working on small game/tight area situations to practice the individual skills worked on at that day’s session.

Finally, after each session, we will review the day’s session to provide the coaching and feedback you need on your particular game. We also encourage you to let us how you perform during the week in your games/practices so we can structure future sessions around areas that you may want to work on a bit more.

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Goalie Camps

StinkySocks Hockey Goalie Camps and Clinics are a series of sessions that allow goalies to improve their game in a structured course environment.

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