There are many freedoms that we as Americans enjoy on a daily basis, including the opportunity to play the greatest game on Earth. We thank those amongst us who have so bravely served to protect our freedoms and for the sacrifices that they have made in doing so. We invite you to apply for veteran status with StinkySocks to enjoy a range of benefits. Again, we thank you for your service.

Please note that the only requirement to receive your discount and other benefits is to own and wear a StinkySocks Hockey jersey. Our uniquely numbered jerseys are the  source of identification at our games.Once approved and a jersey is associated with your account the benefits will be attached to your account and ready for immediate use. All Veteran Members are eligible to receive 15% off all jerseys and apparel, which will be issued as a refund if your first jersey purchase is at full price.

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Please snap a photo of and document that can verify your status, such as a veterans status card, pay stub, or letter of honorable discharge. Please contact us if you have any difficulty uploading your proof of status. Active military may indicate their email on a military domain above and we'll correspond with you on that address to confirm.