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About the Draft League

Get drafted and skate where the pros skate! StinkySocks Hockey and Warrior Ice Arena have teamed up to bring you the draft league that puts player experience first.

The WIA/SSH Draft League gets started with 2021 Draft Weekend in May that’s packed with exciting games and events, and then goes right into a spring/summer season. The draft league is open to those who qualify at the lower intermediate and intermediate levels (guidance below). All games are scheduled and guaranteed to be played exclusively at Warrior Ice Arena on Mondays or Tuesdays, at 9PM or 10PM.

A few spots remain. Contact us at 617-440-7825 for mid-season draft entry.

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What To Expect


May 22nd (2-9PM) and May 23rd(1-6PM), 2021

This is where it all begins. 2021 Draft Weekend will take place on May 22nd and 23rd at Warrior Arena. We’ve planned the perfect two days for you to get on the ice and get drafted.

Things kick off on Saturday with a skills evaluation, followed by an off-ice event, and finishing with a parity game. All events on Saturday will take place in the late-afternoon through early evening. From there teams are drafted, with the draft event taking place on Sunday, followed by a preseason game with your new team, and finishing up with an off-ice event. All events on Sunday will take place in the mid-afternoon through early evening.

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May 24th through August 31st, 2021

All games for the season are played exclusively at Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton, Massachusetts. Games are played at either 9PM or 10PM, on either Mondays or Tuesdays. You can expect one game per week, with one bye week during the seaason.

Your 10 game regular season kicks off on May 24th, with the last two weeks of August reserved for the playoffs. All teams are guaranteed a full 12 games in addition to the games and events that take place during 2021 Draft Weekend.

Each team will have up to 13 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly.

Pricing and What's Included


$410 for skaters, Free for goalies.

Your Season Cost Includes:

  • 2021 Draft Weekend
    • Games and on ice events
    • Draft event and other off-ice events
    • Professional photo coverage, provided by Bruins Daily
  • 14 guaranteed games and one skills competition
    • 2 games and one skills evaluation on 2021 Draft Weekend
    • 10 guaranteed regular-season games
    • 2 guaranteed post-season games
  • StinkySocks Hockey Reversible Jersey
  • Warrior Ice Arena extras

Additionally, all Draft League players qualify for StinkySocks Hockey full time player benefits that include discounts on games and merchandise.

*Payment plan is available for skaters to split the cost over 4 installments

Draft League Details

How the Draft Works

Registration is done individually, although you may request to be grouped together with up to three other friends. Each team will have up to 13 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly.

In the initial season that takes place in spring/summer 2021, StinkySocks Hockey and Warrior Ice Area staff will evaluate players during the skills evaluation and parity game events that take place on Draft Weekend. Players will then be drafted to create the best parity between teams, with the draft results being announced during an event that weekend.

During the initial season, captains will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the abilities of players in the league, putting them in a position to be able to effectively draft players in future seasons.

Level Qualification

The WIA/SSH Draft League is open to level 3 through 7 skaters, making it a mixed intermediate/lower intermediate league. All goalies must qualify at the intermediate level. A definition of this skill range is below:

Levels 3 through 4 (lower intermediate)

Players at the lower intermediate level are generally those who haven’t played hockey since high school and are getting back into the game after some time off the ice, or those who did not start playing until they were adults and now have a good amount of experience. This level is also a fit for our older intermediate players, those who did play in high school or have the equivalent experience, who now find their game slowing a bit. Players at the lower intermediate level can be working on one of the following hockey fundamentals: shooting, passing, skating, and body control.

Levels 4-6 (intermediate)

Players at the intermediate level typically have played high school hockey, or embody the equivalent experience due to age, athleticism, or thorough experience as an adult. A level 5 player is typically someone in their 30’s with high school experience, where level 4 would be someone older, and level 6 someone who’s younger. Players at this level make good passes, shoot reasonably well, have solid puck control, and maintain good body control. Solder players who had college club experience, or the equivalent, a good amount of time ago may also be appropriate for this level.

Schedule, Standings & Stats

All games take place exclusively at Warrior Ice Arena on Mondays or Tuesdays, at either 9PM or 10PM. The schedule for the season will be posted after the draft.

Although game times changes are sometimes necessary, we will never change the days or times of your games outside the scope of what was expected without your consent. In Summary, any changes to the terms that you register under are opt-in only and never forced upon you.

Game Day - Rosters and Format

Only players who were drafted on a team are eligible to participate in any game. Each team will have up to 13 skaters and 1 goalie to result in enough players for a competitive game weekly. In the event that your goalie must miss a game, StinkySocks Hockey will place a goalie who is appropriate for the level as a fill-in.

All games have three periods of 15 minutes of running time. The last minute of the game is stopped time if the score is within one goal. No team timeouts are permitted. All minor penalties are 2 minutes in length. Major penalties result in ejection and offending players are subject to the conduct (aka “No Jerks”) policy of StinkySocks Hockey.

All practice and game pucks are provided by the league.

Officiating & Game Administration

Two StinkySocks Hockey on ice officials and one scorekeeper are guaranteed.

A staff that’s invested leads to the best experience on ice. All officials and scorekeepers and managed directly with StinkySocks Hockey. Our staff members are more than just a set of stripes out on the ice. Each staff member is there because they meet our high standards for performance and proper game management, in accordance with our rules and policies.


All new players will be issued a reversible StinkySocks Hockey jersey in their first season. Be sure to have a look at the size chart for our jerseys and indicate your preference when you register.

Rules & Policies

Please review the rules and policies that apply to this draft league. Most importantly, please familiarize yourself with our conduct (aka “No Jerks”) policy, which helps maintain an enjoyable playing environment.

Get Drafted!

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